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Nexplanon implant thing - how I regret that!

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Alwaysworthchecking Thu 18-Aug-11 16:55:00

Had the implant put in just before travelling abroad (two and half weeks ago) and how I hate the thing! I bleed constanty - enough, initially, to just need pantyliners but for a week and a half now, enough to need the Mooncup. I feel grumpy quite a lot of the time and, much as I can't have sex what with all the bleeding, I don't fancy it all! The one time we managed, it was really uncomfortable. I also hate that I can feel it in my arm, although that is obviously a minor concern.

So, as a contraceptive, it's pretty effective, but it's not what I had in mind.

I can't take oestrogen-based contaceptives, I got pregnant and then miscarried on micronor and I'm not going for the Mirena - not risking messing my hormones about like this again. Want it out and then go back to condoms - never had any problems with them.

If I could take it out myself with the paring knife in the kitchen, I think I would.

Is it likely to settle down, do you think? Also, what are my chances of getting it removed when I get back home in a week or so?

Niknak222 Sat 07-Jan-17 21:12:56

Hi just wondered if anyone has had this same issue as I'm going out of my mind with worry! I too am on my 3rd implant, 1st two Implanon which were both amazing and barely any bleeding or side effects, current one is Nexplanon which I have now had in for 16 months approx, didn't have any bleeding at all for the first 6 months but since then the bleeding has been on and off constantly and I have now been bleeding/spotting for around 3weeks which was stopping for a few hours/at most a day and then starting up again (as usual) although it is very light like a brown/pinkish discharge no need for a pad etc really just see it when wiping, but I seemed to have stopped bleeding completely 3 nights ago and when I wipe after weeing, the paper is totally clear no blood/spotting, however, for the last 3 days I have noticed that after bowel movement, when I wipe my vaginal area there is a blood stained/pinkish discharge on the paper which after I wipe stops almost straight away and then nothing further when returning to the toilet for a wee etc but has happened everytime I have bowel movement? This is the first time since I have had all implants that I have ever noticed this happening with bowel movement and I am just putting it down to just finishing bleeding and maybe the pressure/pushing with bowel movement is just releasing leftover blood but would be great to know if anyone else has experienced this on the implant or any other birth control as I am really worried about it P.S I am also calling the docs on Monday to make an appointment to get this thing removed as I cannot take anymore of this constant bleeding! thanks all xx

RancidOldHag Thu 24-Nov-16 20:08:50

Have you and it out now? And are things settling?

user1476477970 Fri 14-Oct-16 22:41:29

Oh My God where to begin with this! It's so bad I created an account on a forum for parents just to complain about how bad nexplanon is.

Had my nexplanon inserted in March a little after the last day of what I thought to be the heaviest, most painful period of my life (they gave me a month of the POP before inserting the implant, which should've been my first clue that this was a very, VERY bad idea)

Fast forward two weeks and I'm on my period. A much, much worse period than the one the POP gave me. I couldn't even sleep due to pains and bleeding through a tampon AND pad every half an hour. Two weeks later, you got it, I'm still bleeding, only slightly less heavy than before. Three weeks after that? Yep, not slowing down.
After only two months I go back to the clinic and beg them to do something because this isn't right. They refuse to take the implant out and give me the combined pill. Which does (temporarily) stop me bleeding but also causes mood swings and anxiety attacks only every other day.

Fast forward to July and my new doctor gives me another three months of the combined pill after complaining that the ones given to me at the hospital in my previous town are no longer stopping the bleeding. That's right, gross brown discharge and blood even when I'm on the pill. And again, they didn't want to take it out. So I sucked it up and waited for the bleeding to finally stop two weeks later (started again shortly after).

So at this point I'm a bloody, depressive, anxious mess from my birth control. Birth control indeed, who wants to have sex with that!

It's now October and this morning, instead of getting ready to go to college, I was rolling around on the kitchen floor in AGONY from period pains. It was so scary for my boyfriend that he called an ambulance. They didn't do anything except give me gas and air (that stuff was amazing though) and make condescending comments about being called out for menstrual cramps when I could've taken more pain killers (already maxed out on paracetamol and cannot take ibuprofen or codeine-based medicines). And you guessed it, the bastard thing is still sitting in my arm, happily throbbing away like it has since the moment I had it put in, as it literally ruins my life.

So yeah I've had enough, and am now seriously considering gouging it out of my arm if the doctors don't do anything for me on Monday :'(

mariahann1 Tue 27-Sep-16 07:51:07

How soon can you have it removed ? I got it yesterday and regret it and want it out ?

If I tell them I took the bandages off and tried move it out and now i can't feel it will they remove it ?
I really did remove bandages

Sunshineonacloudyday Thu 01-Sep-16 03:08:47

purplewaffle105 I am 32 and I went to the clinic to have it put in and now they are going to take it out.

Sunshineonacloudyday Thu 01-Sep-16 03:07:34

I'm on week 6 now of constant bleeding I feel very unwell in my head at the moment. I am waiting until next week to have this out I can not live like this anymore.

Lauwhite6162738239393939 Tue 30-Aug-16 20:54:08

I got the implant (implanon I think) in November last year so had it in for 9 months and have an appointment to get it taken out tomorrow!!! I have had nothing but trouble with it, firstly with my periods they were so irregular but I don't care about them anymore because my mood swings are the biggest problem ! Begin to feel angry over the smallest things or sometimes over nothing, became more paranoid and controlling over my boyfriend and feel like crying most the time. I don't know how my boyfriend has put up with me for so long! Tried to take my tshirt off last week and couldn't get the zipper down so I ripped it apart, regretted it soon after sad hoping I feel back to normal as soon as it gets taken out, for anyone thinking of getting it in I wouldn't recommend but I suppose everyone reacts differently to it!
Hope this helps

Sunshineonacloudyday Sun 07-Aug-16 14:56:32

I had the Nexplanon put in my arm on the 23rd May. No period for the first 2 months and now I am on my 3rd week of bleeding. I don't think this is going to work out for me. With the implanon I had regular bleeds twice a month in the first year and then once a month after that. This is ridiculous I can't carry on like this all my motivation has gone.

Tabbybanana24 Sun 07-Aug-16 09:09:45

I have had the nexplanon for almost 3 years started out good until recently the arm goes numb and I know I am close to getting it out next month. I feel like my period is awkward and my mood swings are horrible. The implant in my arm feels like it's deeper than need be and twisted. I got before my 25th birthday which is next month and I am getting it out. I lost almost 100lbs when I had the implanon and I gained at least 70lbs since I got the nexplanon implanted. Oddly but still have cramps bad and no period other than here and there. My question is has anyone had this problem? I mean I know people has had issues but I don't understand the weak knees and weak arms. I have multiple sclerosis well first signs and it makes it harder to walk. Do I need to get it out before next month? Please let me know what you all think. Can it get twisted?!?

Sunshineonacloudyday Fri 29-Jul-16 21:50:19

kristoska one word springs to mind about your doctor and thats bollocks. All he has to do is numb you're arm make a small incision and cut it out. You don't need to asleep.

PhobWatch Sat 23-Jul-16 18:07:22

I had nothing but trouble with my implant. Since I suffer with eczema the wound took ages to even heal, it even got infected. Then the worst happen, the end of it broke through my skin and started to come out. Had to be one of the worst panic attacks I ever had. Was rushed to A and E where I was given the option of leaving it or having them take it out. Thankfully since it was basically already out it was a quick procedure. I'm only 18 and I was told it would be effective and fine. Never before have I felt so mugged off in my life. I asked if it would be affected with my eczema and they said it would be fine. Now I have to find another effective way of protection. The pill is no use cause I can't swallow tablets no matter how small they are. But I'm so thankful that my boyfriend was there to help and keep me calm. I'm never having it put in my arm again since my body rejects it completely. It may be effective for some people and it doesn't play up. But it's not right for me, I don't know if anyone else has had this, but I felt really stupid for having it done

Kickstop Tue 21-Jun-16 21:12:09

I know my response to this is quite a few years late. But I've been having the same problem. Its been about two months since my Nexplanon implant and I have not stopped bleeding. The thing is, this is my replacement. The first three years I had this my bleeding was regular. Now with a brand new one it feels like it won't stop. I'm guessing I should give the full six months for it to settle?

purplewaffle105 Tue 31-May-16 19:23:53

Tatiana I don't know why I believed it at the time but I'm sure it's wrong now! It took months for me to get it removed as well as GUM clinics won't take over-25s anymore and the waiting list for my GP was 2 months long as they only do one clinic per week for minor procedures. Now that we're TTC I just want it to happen ASAP!!

Tatiana11235 Tue 31-May-16 13:06:51

Purple, whwn I had it implanted I was told it can take a few months for things to get back to normal confused

purplewaffle105 Mon 30-May-16 21:28:15

It's driving me crazy that there's not any more info on Nexplanon and fertility. I got mine out 5 weeks ago and still no AF! I had 3 years of Implanon and then 3 years of another implant (can't remember which) and then over a year of Nexplanon. Was bleeding for longer and more regularly in the last few years but no major problems and haven't noticed any major differences since I got it out. I'm TTC and wondering how long it'll take my fertility to return to normal. I remember being told when I first got it in that my fertility would return "the day after getting it out" but now I feel more sceptical.

purplewaffle105 Mon 30-May-16 21:27:47

It's driving me crazy that there's not any more info on Nexplanon and fertility. I got mine out 5 weeks ago and still no AF! I had 3 years of Implanon and then 3 years of another implant (can't remember which) and then over a year of Nexplanon. Was bleeding for longer and more regularly in the last few years but no major problems and haven't noticed any major differences since I got it out. I'm TTC and wondering how long it'll take my fertility to return to normal. I remember being told when I first got it in that my fertility would return "the day after getting it out" but now I feel more sceptical.

Tatiana11235 Mon 30-May-16 05:19:58

Let's resurrect this thread - I think all my issues are due to Nexplanon. I would love to hear about your experiences if you have/had it implanted.

Very extremely super low libido to the point where I absolutely cannot imagine myself having sex ever again. I have a H and DD5.
Also hair loss - had to chop off my long hair that I ever so patiently grew out over a year.
Periods are just bizzare. On for a month and off for a month sad
Join me on this lovely Monday morning brew

MinnieStitch Thu 26-May-16 08:32:32

Oh man. I know everyone's different but now I'm a lil like "what did I do?!?"

Ok first ever form of BC I ever tried was a Mirena IUD. I was completely miserable the ENTIRE time. I had nothing but constant pelvic pain, The pain went into my legs, I started losing my hair (when I would wash or brush it, I'd have HANDFULLS of clumps in my hands!) I started getting more black head like zits but theyd swell up huge and my skin got so sensitive to touch, I got fog brain, confusion and extreme irritability/snappiness and the list just continues. I was WILLING to let all that slide away, except the pelvic pain and bleeding from the time I got it in march2016 til the first week of may2016! They wouldn't give me anything to help with pain, the otc meds didn't even help (i had to take my old script for percocet! And that's just to dull it) and they certainly didn't give me anything for the bleeding.

Any who, i skimmed through this thread a lil as well as many others looking for someone, ANYONE that might be gone from Mirena to Nexplanon. If your out there, what was your experience? Did you notice a change or differences between them (other than where they're placed and the means of drug admin to the body). Am I just getting myself into yet ANOTHER friggin nightmare!? They only offered Nexplanon not the Implanon (cause I believe nex replaced imp) but I can't have estrogen pills cause I have a 50/50 chance at a very aggressive cancer that LOVES the stuff! I tried to get genetic testing but insurance claims it's not necessary. So I just be precautious. Im not too worried about the complaints of low libido (as I have none anyways BEFORE BC, long story for another time). I did actually read in the pamphlet, some of the main problems with Nexplanon which don't seem like theyd be too bothersome (except losing hair!/heavy bleeding) I'm no good with taking pills on a deadline and I'm trying to help lessen my period over time or even stop it. I know from research it can cause irregularities and additional bleeding. But will it be as bad and painful as the Mirena was!?!? I know this will get an answer AFTER I have it implanted (May 26, 2016) as I didn't find this until basically last minute. But I will STILL love to read any and all advice/stories/suggestions y'all have even after the fact. It'll just make me better informed and prepared to know what to expect (besides what's in the pamphlet they gave me). I'm so worried now that I've read horror stories and I'm due for the procedure!! Help!!confused

BulaBaby Thu 21-Apr-16 19:14:02

I am getting my Nexplanon removed next month after the full 3 years.

I came across this thread while researching what to do next. I WILL NOT be getting another implant. I have been suffering from depressed moods for few years and looking back, I think it's the implant which has caused them.

Fasha45776 Thu 21-Apr-16 00:41:19

Yeah I would definitely not recommend this form of birth control to anyone. ESPECIALLY people with existing anxiety issues. I had the implant put in in October 2015, for the first few months I had HEAVY bleeding. When I went in to get the implant put in, I was on my period at the time I had just started it the day or two before, and so that period that started in early October lasted until my second visit with PP in December when it finally became too much. I was not able to work without running to the bathroom every hour to for TWO months. I was bleeding so heavy that I would often leak after one hour after having a fresh one in. It was awful, and i went back to the clinic and they prescribed me a higher dose of Tylenol that would, I assume, cause clotting after taking it for the prescribed time. It did work,and I stopped bleeding for a good two months until my period came back at all, but when it did it was back for two or three weeks, then gone again and still hasn't come back now, almost may 1st. On top of this, I have always had problems with mental health growing up as a teenager. It was hard for me to decipher weather or not I was feeling worse due to getting older, life changing, yada yada. Or if it had anything to do with the birth control as they told me when they put it in that it can cause depression symptoms. It's been seven months now since I've had it in and I'm positive that the implant is causing me heavy depression. I have never been a short tempered person, all my life it would take A LOT for me to ever yell at you. But now, I find myself yelling at my boyfriend and bitching at him over the stupidest things. The worst part is, I know that I'm doing it. When I freak out I can recognize that I'm not in the right and I need to calm down but it just feels like I can't. I'm so upset over the littlest things all the time. Not to mention, this is a very affective contraceptive because I almost never get "in the mood" naturally now. I'm usually more wanting to go to sleep. My boyfriend is so loving and supportive and I am so thankful for his patience through this. I plan to get it removed now in the next month..

echanicem89 Sun 10-Apr-16 04:07:33

I thought it was just me I have had the nexplanon since October and it has been the worst I have experience weight gain acne I'm often feel myself being depressed I'm always tired pain in leg and now have numbness in my big toe I went to my doctor two weeks ago and he said give it two more months I can't take it I want this thing out immediately

butteredmuffin Wed 06-Apr-16 23:44:49

Well, if you keep it in for the full three years I expect it's very cheap. If you get it out after a few weeks it's pretty pricey! smile

VerBot Tue 05-Apr-16 10:00:50

The cost is £83.43, it can't be much more expensive than other methods.

butteredmuffin Sat 02-Apr-16 19:29:49

I will shortly be having Nexplanon out after the full three years. Before that I had two other implants (the first one was Implanon) and have kept them all in for the full period of time.

For me they have always worked really well and I've never had any obvious side effects. I sometimes wonder whether hormonal contraceptives are to blame for my food cravings and not having a very high libido, but I've no proof that these things are related to having the implant. However, I am now planning to come off hormonal contraceptives altogether and just use condoms, and it will be really interesting to see whether I feel any different, after using them for such a long time.

For contraceptive purposes, obviously it has worked really well for me. Just because some people have had a bad experience, it doesn't mean everyone will. For me, the peace of mind in knowing that I would almost certainly not get pregnant (while I was at university and in the earlier stages of my career) made it the right choice for me. Now I am a bit older and an unplanned pregnancy wouldn't be the end of the world.

I would recommend to anyone to give it a try, because if it works for you, it really is the easiest and most effective method of contraception around. But if you try it and you don't get on with it, have it taken out. Doctors like you to stick with it for a while because it is expensive, and it's true that you might take a couple of months to get used to it before everything settles down. But if it really makes you feel horrible, it's not right for you.

ashleypebbles Fri 01-Apr-16 18:17:42

So I've had the implant since June of last year. I've tried everything from pills, ring, depo, and just couldn't stick to one. Me and my then bf really liked it. As a contraceptive i would say its amazing. We never used condoms and i never came out pregnant. Which of course was wonderful. I loved that I didn't have to worry or have to remember to take something daily because I am horrible with that. So those are the positives.

Now for the negatives. In the beginning i had spotting for almost everyday, then when my period came down it was heavier. Not more then usual tho. After 3 months I didn't have spotting and my period got a little lighter. I did get cramps once in a while. My breasts were sore. What I HATED most was the weight gain. Before I got on the implant I weighted 138lbs. I was on it for 10 months. I just took it out yesterday. And I'm so happy I did. Now that its been 10 months I weigh 166llbs. I cant believe it and I need to shed these pounds FAST! i didn't eat more or drink more so when I realized that my jeans weren't fitting i knew i had to take this out. So finally I made my appointment last week at planned parenthood and had it removed yesterday, and i could be happier. i don't have any symptoms since removing it. i don't think i will. as for birth control i wont be using anything for a while.

So this is how my situation was. And Im glad I got rid of it.

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