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Copper coil - can't feel threads?

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susiefen Thu 04-Aug-11 21:23:39

I had a copper coil fitted about 3 weeks ago and I'm a bit concerned as I've not been able to feel the threads at all. The GP did say that my cervix is quite far back (?) and did some slightly odd demonstrations of positions I might need to get into to feel the threads smile, but I've done all sorts of gymnastics and I can't feel them. Has this happened to anyone else or do I need to go back and get it checked out?

QueenStromba Fri 05-Aug-11 02:56:00

Could you get your partner to check for you? He'll be able to get a better angle than you so might be able to reach them. I'd have no hope of being able to feel them either. I always wondered how diaphragms worked until I came across a thread on here where someone was asking how many people had felt their cervix at which point I realised that other women could actually reach theirs.

If your partner can't reach them then give the surgery a call and talk to the GP about whether you should have it checked.

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