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microgynon 30?? experiances

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romomum Sat 30-Jul-11 10:40:41

Hi all, went to my doctors on Monday to ask for the tablets to delay my period as i am going away next month, i normally get norethisteroe. well this time they have given me the pill microgynon30 to delay it for a couple of weeks.
i use to be on this pill a few years back (around 6/7) and seemed to be OK.
just so worried about side effects mainly weight gain!! and feeling grumpy!!!
this my 5th day of taking in it and i feel bloated!!
has anybody got any experiances of this pill??

Gastonladybird Sat 30-Jul-11 10:44:17

Took it for years and don't remember any particular issues with it

moaningminniewhingesagain Sat 30-Jul-11 10:45:51

I took it for years and loved it. Only stopped to have the babies and didn't go back due to BF. I didn't gain weight on it, would take it again happily.

VitaEstBonus Sat 30-Jul-11 10:51:29

I too took Microgynon for years - no side effects whatsoever, it was great.

Rosemallow Sat 30-Jul-11 11:02:26

I took it for a few years and put on a lot of weight (was always hungry and went from a size 8-10 to 14). I also got spots, PMT and lost my sex drive.
Was a great contraceptive as I never wanted to have sex! grin

Seriously, I found cilest to be better for me. When I came off microgynon I immediately lost weight then lost the rest and didn't put it back on in the 5 years I took it. No other side effects either.

Obviously other people have had a better experience with it though.

TotalChaos Sat 30-Jul-11 11:05:44

Took it for years and loved it. Had to come off it due to raised BP (family history not the pill's fault iyswim). No problems with weight gain or moods.

giyadas Sat 30-Jul-11 11:09:25

Took it for about 5 years, no side effects apart from steady loss of libido.

ghosteditor Sat 30-Jul-11 11:11:07

Everyone reacts differently, but I believe that microgynon is the cheapest contraceptive which is why it is prescribed first. There's no way of knowing how you'll react, though. For me, it messed up my skin and made me a bit loopy and emotional, and diminished my libido. I switched quite quickly to something else. A friend of a friend was badly affected and was extremely emotional the whole time. Another friend has been on it for ten years with no apparent side effects. Hope it's not too bad for you.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sat 30-Jul-11 11:30:07

it gave me really bad migraines every month (so bad they made me vomit). My doctor switched me off fairly quickly after that grin

TheEndlessArete Fri 05-Aug-11 15:20:29

I was just going to come on here and ask about Microgynon 30.
I've actually taken it for years, in between my 4 kids, but have just been back on it again for 4mths and feel bloated and thicker round the waist - trousers aren't fitting etc - is this a common side affect ?!!

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