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TMI Alert, new boyfriend & birth control dilemma

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arancardigan Wed 29-Jun-11 18:46:55

OK, I'm trembling. This is my first post and it's a beauty. I'm probably not yout typical mumsnetter though for family interest reasons I've lurked for a while. Oh, ignore my screen name. It comes from my excessive aran knitting habit. Yes, cardigans. Have you felt the weight of an aran jumper as you knit it up? At least cardigans have 2 fronts, half the weight. Only 1 back of course but hey, all's never perfect!
I'll try to act my age (OK, I'm mid-40's. Confession time but I like a joke) and use the right terminology:

After almost 3 years on my own I finally grew closer to a friend and we decided to go a little further. The big night was planned for last night and we .... well, you know.
Anyway, I'd already had a bit of a grope and was quite pleased with what I discovered but when we got undressed and "ready" he had grown past normal to "huge" in the trouser department. If I gripped him my hand wouldn't close. Natually, after donkey's years with an average sized husband I was looking forward to what new experiences lay ahead of me. I'd been out for fresh supplies a few days earlier, hoping for this to progress and climbed over him on the bed to get the condoms out of my cardi pocket, lying on the floor (like you do!). Careless of me to discard my stuff like that, I know - but I was as keen as he was!

Because of his size and shape, I couldn't get one onto him without a struggle; he has a long foreskin which won't retract on it's own (not too tight, just very long and easily mobile. It still covers his glans when erect). With my ex it was easy, foreskin back almost by itself, hold it back and roll the condom down but not this one. we both pulled his foreskin back, and I went to apply the condom but it was quite a tight fit, width wise over his glans. Once it was on all the way, the foreskin rolled back by itself part way and the base of the condom was nowhere near the base of his penis.
In a nutshell (sorry!!!) his penis looked like a sausage ready to burst out of its skin and he said it felt like it may get painful as things progressed! I decided to call the whole thing off, just in case we had an accident and we amused each other in different ways. He seems quite good!

I use condoms, they've worked well for me for over 26 years and now as much as ever they're needed for safe sex AND birth control, so I'm not doing without them. He can't help because he has never used them before, so doesn't have a brand preference etc.

Cheeky, I know but can anybody offer guidance in the size department? He's back tomorrow night and I'm out buying some more suitable ones tomorrow. And lots more lube!!!! I'm getting excited.

And can anybody use 11 Durex Featherlight? never raced or rallied, one careful owner etc lol.

Despite the light hearted nature, this is a serious query. I'd really appreciate your imput. Thanks.

memphis83 Wed 29-Jun-11 23:07:14

Oh ive had a shitty day and you have made me laugh til I cried!! you should have put this in chat, more people roaming by!!! But you can get condoms that are a larger size, im sure boots do them, not that ive never had the need to buy them!! Good luck for tomorrow!!

arancardigan Thu 30-Jun-11 07:25:14

Hi Memphis thanks, I'm pleased I brightened your day up but that really wasn't the intention of this post. I know that larger sized condoms can be had these days, but I could use some input from people who have trodden this path before.

Both my ex hubby and the one and only dalliance before him were more, ahem, "normal" I'd say. Each preferred a different brand of condom for comfort. I'm keen that this new experience of using them doesn't put him off through discomfort, He seems keen enough though.
I've also never seen a willy with so much foreskin before, and I need to know we're dealing with that correctly.

I wonder if a mod could move this thread to chat, as you suggest, if that would be appropriate? Thanks.

arancardigan Thu 30-Jun-11 16:30:14

BUMP -> anybody else have any input on this for me please?

QueenStromba Thu 30-Jun-11 18:42:09

My DP is rather on the large size and we used Trojan XXL before I went on the pill (Durex extra large also work fine). Definitely use some lube, I recommend Boots silky lube which comes in a small pump bottle (like hand soap does) - don't be put of the small size of it, it lasts for ages.

arancardigan Thu 30-Jun-11 21:06:37

Thanks, QueenStromba. I appreciate the reply. I've got durex xxl for now, and some durex lube, too.
He's going to get here soon, I can't wait blush

OnlyWantsOne Thu 30-Jun-11 21:10:33


im very jealous

QueenStromba Thu 30-Jun-11 21:14:32

Ooh, have fun smile Really don't forget the lube!

arancardigan Fri 01-Jul-11 14:20:18

Thanks QueenStromba, we had lots of fun and yes, I did buy ;lube yesterday when out shopping for supplies. I've never tried the Boots stuff, walked past it on the shelf yesterday & picked the name brand up. It worked quite well, though.
I haven't seen Trojans on the shelves here (mind, we did used to get our supplies from the clinic when I was with my ex, so wan't usually to be seen trawling the "rudies aisle" in the supermarket!) but I used them with my ex when we were in the USA for an extended time. They were good, and not at all smelly like some are. Thanks for the info.

QueenStromba Fri 01-Jul-11 18:18:16

Glad you enjoyed yourself smile
I used to buy Trojans online and you can get Durex extra large at clinics. Don't be tempted to try any non latex condoms because they won't fit, Trojan Supra were the biggest I could find and there wasn't a chance in hell of it getting on so if you need a non latex condom for when you have thrush or something then you'll have to use a femidom.

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