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How long after Implanon removal

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AussieGirl78 Fri 10-Jun-11 15:01:28

Should my manic mood swings ease?
I had it taken out this morning and am back on the pill
Couldn't handle the spotting, mood swings and weight gain any longer(lasted 10 months)

1Catherine1 Fri 10-Jun-11 20:00:49

should be a matter of days at the most.

QueenStromba Mon 13-Jun-11 00:33:03

I felt better in 2-3 days but I only managed 24 days on it (the last week of which I spent trying to get it taken out).

AussieGirl78 Mon 13-Jun-11 08:11:01

Thanks ladies, it's been 3 days and although I'm still a tad cranky every now and then I'm not experiencing the urge to rip anyones head off!

EthelredOnAGoodDay Tue 21-Jun-11 17:11:02

I had mine out about 3 weeks ago and the one thing i have noticed is that my sex drive has rocketed! Is this normal?! grin

QueenStromba Thu 23-Jun-11 18:35:42

Happened with me too, one of the side effects I had with it was that it completely killed my sex drive and it came back with a vengeance once I had it out.

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