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Copper Coil?

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bluesnowfalcon Fri 06-May-11 12:35:24

Hi all,

Had my ds 10 months ago and have sinced been back on Mycrogynon 30 which gave me really bad migranes although I was fine before I had ds so had to come off of combined pills. Have now tried two different progesterone only pills but got mood swings, depression, and no sex drive! Now they are suggesting copper coil but wondered how other people have got on with it?

Don't want to have another child yet as getting married in October and need to wait a bit financially as well so need something to ensure don't get caught out smile

Hope you have good stories but want to hear positives and negatives that people have had using the copper coil.

Thanks in advance smile

Shodan Fri 06-May-11 12:59:35

I had my first one fitted last week, so can't give you any info on how effective it is personally, but the process was fine. No discomfort during the procedure, though some fairly unpleasant cramps afterwards and during the evening.

I say unpleasant, but Nurofen and a hot bath dealt with them. Bear in mind I've been on the pill for twenty years or so (barring 2 pregnancies) so had completely forgotten what period pains were like.

One side effect which has really struck me is the reappearance of my libido! Almost what you might call an embarrassment of riches. blush

The great thing of course, is not having to remember to take a pill every day. Am loving that.

bluesnowfalcon Fri 06-May-11 13:56:29

LOL Shodan I'd love to have libido back it has definately got up and walked out on the progesterone only pills!

bubaluchy Thu 19-May-11 18:38:55

I had the copper coil, it hurt a lot when they put it in, I read lots about it before and there was a balanced view.
I had the worst stomach cramps, it was like my body was trying to push it out, I could feel it when I was at the gym in fact I could feel it all the time, it made me have really heavy periods lasting for 2 weeks, it was so horrible.
Good luck if you do have it just giving my exp.

twonker Sat 04-Jun-11 23:42:00

hello Blues.

I have had it for 5 years nearly, just coming up to renewal. I like it. I had approx 6 month heavier periods, and then it settled down. I chose it because i preferred to continue having periods, unlike mirena.

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