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Bit of blood and discharge 2 days after copper coil inserted?

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llandb Wed 06-Apr-11 18:32:09

So, I had the copper coil inserted on Monday morning. My innards were misbehaving and the GP and nurse had to be quite persistent and make many attempts to get the speculum in place, and I definitely saw a bit of shiny red stuff that looked exactly like blood, on the tip of the speculum, between attempts.

All seems fine so far; a bit of cramping as promised.

They warned me to watch out for bleeding and pain that got progressively worse (which I took to mean that if it was intermittent and tapered off, all was well). There's been nothing of the sort.

Immediately after the procedure, I asked whether I could expect a bit of bleeding and discharge (after all, blood on the speculum) and they said 'oh no, nothing of the sort - oh maybe a bit of discharge'.

So it's all very odd, as I've had quite a few little trickles of watery, slightly bloody discharge. And the promised cramping has eased off and it's really not painful but it still feels intermittently a bit strangely crampy. I'd think nothing of it, except that it wasn't mentioned and/or I was told it wouldn't happen. And I don't want to go back unless I have to as childcare is a PITA (which is why I don't want any more, ha, ha!)

Er, so, is this all normal and they just didn't mention it?
Thanks, O those who have BTDT

GooGooGadget Mon 13-Jun-11 13:05:34

sounds normal to me.
they did say I might get this.

GooGooGadget Mon 13-Jun-11 13:05:58

ha ha just seen date! Quiet round here, aint it!

llandb Tue 14-Jun-11 17:31:13

Haha GooGoo, I have only just come back to MN after a couple of months AWOL, and what do I see, but, at long last, a reply! Posted yesterday! (Spooky innit grin)

When I went back for the routine 'it's still there and you're not dead' check, I mentioned it to the nurse who said, 'oh yeah, totally normal'.

The GP herself has admitted that she's dazed with sleep-deprivation half the time!

Thanks for the reply smile

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