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not really family planning.... but....

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homebod Mon 06-Dec-10 21:37:11

so, heres the full saga...
i have had since the birth of my youngest daughter (nearly 5 years ago) 2 weekly periods.
proper ones.
i then went on the pill, and all seemed to settle to a tolerable routine of a proper monthly bleed with a few days worth of mess in the middle.
all of this was okish, except that recently i seem to be bleeding every few days again.
and i am still on the pill.
the reason i am posting here, is that my boyfriend and i are talking of trying for a baby quite soon.
there are obviously a few issues here (the pill is ending this month).
i am not sure how much difference the soya products makes to my cycle, as i have only been drinking it for a couple of years, but am freaking out a little about my inability to be able to conceive again, or indeed get pregnant by mistake!
what does everyone think?

cupofcoffee Tue 07-Dec-10 20:28:48

Have you had this checked out by a doctor? I think you should get yourself checked over with this kind of bleeding.

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