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female sterilization whos had it done and what happens

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Sophiathesnowfairy Thu 01-Aug-13 22:32:43

I had mine done last Thursday, same as sleepy felt awful after coming round and had to have something for the nausea. I was in bed/ on sofa Friday and Saturday, very sore but on Sunday did some pottering and have done a it more each day.

My DH has been brill, granted he doesn't do stuff the way I would but he does it, eventually,I just gritted my teeth and let him run the house in his way.

Sleepgrumpydopey Thu 04-Jul-13 18:39:14

I had it done last Friday. It was more painful than I imagined and I felt really sick post op so had to have an injection in my leg to stop nausea. Went in at 7 op at 1 home at 7. Really sore first couple of days it hurts to move and I had to take painkillers regularly.
However cus my DH is so inadequate at dealing with the kids I've been back on the school run housework etc since Monday and I'm feeling tired, sore and pissed off.
If I could go back I wouldn't have it I'd try abstinence instead!! However if your dp is not a complete twat like mine and allows you to rest for a few days then you will be fine.

imip Mon 24-Jun-13 15:03:10

I was sterilised 17 months ago during my 4th c-section. My Fallopian tubes were cut out (and I presume tied or clipped). I saw my Fallopian tubes once they had been cut out. About 2-3cm long I guess? All has been fine. Have had two periods since (breast feeding), normal duration. I have, however, bled a little during ovulation. I am not sure if that is common, i will see whether it settles over the next few months....

Flyingtree Mon 24-Jun-13 09:06:00


Noop Wed 04-May-11 19:41:16


Gonzo33 Wed 23-Feb-11 13:33:26

I was referred on Monday by my consultant and am having the operation in 6 weeks. They are blocking the tubes so that they do not have to cut me open. I am quite nervous, don't know why though because I really do not want any more children

marriednotdead Wed 09-Feb-11 11:01:56


I was sterilised when my DS was 2.5, by the method Lynli describes. The waiting list then was 9 months but that was 11 years ago.

I had a bit of a panic on the way to theatre but only because it brought back memories of the emergency arrival of DS. They asked me if I'd changed my mind smile

I chose sterilisation to avoid taking the pill indefinitely but ironically, I'm back on it to treat endometriosis now hmm

Sterilisation has no effect whatsoever on your periods. Your ovaries continue to function as before, it's just that the egg's path is blocked by the clips so it dies and is reabsorbed.

A former colleague of mine honestly thought her periods would stop completely and was so disappointed!

nymphadora Wed 09-Feb-11 10:56:16

I turned it down at my last section but may go for it long term. Wondering about yhe period thing too as I have endo & would rather do without grin

Plumm Wed 09-Feb-11 10:25:06

Bump, I'd like to know more aswell.

lv75 Fri 28-Jan-11 20:25:26

Can I just ask (know this is a couple of months old now but see my post on cerazette and breakthrough bleeding) - what happens to periods after sterilization? ie. I know they continue but are they generally heavier/more painful after the tubes are clipped/tied?? I got turned down in August but my GP wants to appeal when the ban on non-urgent surgery is lifted in April. Bloody spending cuts!!

Lynli Fri 26-Nov-10 22:51:18

I have been sterilised by having my tubes clipped.

It was done by laparoscopy through a small incision.

The stomach is filled with gas during the op, which is the worst part of it, making you feel sick and uncomfortable.

Recovery is very quick, just a couple of days ime.

Maternelle Fri 26-Nov-10 20:05:32


starshaker Fri 26-Nov-10 15:26:54

I asked to have it done when the twins were born but i asked too late

Maternelle Fri 26-Nov-10 10:20:53

Same here. PG with DS3 and want to have it done at the same time as C/S.

ArthurPewty Fri 26-Nov-10 10:17:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

starshaker Fri 26-Nov-10 10:04:58

Ive asked to be sterilized. The doc said normally at my age they would be wary about doing it but given my history she has refered me (5 m/c but now have 3 children dd1 (5) and b/g twins (4 months))
So what does it involve. How did you feel after it was done and anything else you think would help

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