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Vasectomy Advice

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Poogles Wed 24-Nov-10 15:03:06

We have 2 DC and have agreed that we both do not want any more. As I had the kids, it was agreed that DH would have the snip.

DH went to see GP. GP referred to hospital. Letter came asking to phone for appointment.

DH has called the hospital who have said he needs to atend for a consultation. Fine. They won't see him without me present. WTFconfused??

I could understand them saying that they would only see him on his own to make sure it was what he wanted and not me pressurising him into it, but why would I need to attend the consultation?

As it is, I work full time and would resent having to take a day off to go for the consultation (as I would also be taking time off to take him to/from the op and possibly time to look after him afterwards).

Has anyone else experience of this? Are the hospital being a bit stupid or is DH spinning me a line knowing I don't really have the time to take?

Sidge Wed 24-Nov-10 15:07:52

I believe some areas have a policy whereby a spouse has to consent to male sterilisation as well.

I find this absurd myself, given that my husband's body is his own and he wouldn't be required to consent should I be having female sterilisation.

My DH had the snip and I was never asked to be present, or consent.

I would call them and say you are unable to attend, and if needed they can have your consent in writing.

(As an aside, if he has a local anaesthetic I doubt you'll need to look after him afterwards; he'll be mobile and alert, if a little sore).

Poogles Wed 24-Nov-10 16:14:18

Thanks Sidge. I just can't believe my consent is necessary! I would have thought it was better to see the man on his own to check he was not being coerced into something he didn't want!

Will try calling them tomorrow to see if they will take consent in writing. If not, I have a pair of scissors...!

Sidge Wed 24-Nov-10 16:55:55

LOL I offered DH the Two Housebricks option but for some reason he wasn't too keen!

I find it astounding in this age that a woman's consent is necessary for a man to undergo a surgical procedure. Can you imagine if the situation was reversed?

If you're feeling really bolshy brave you could challenge the PCTs policy grin

expatinscotland Wed 24-Nov-10 16:57:49

I was not asked to be present.

It's his body.

Poogles Thu 25-Nov-10 08:25:32

DH has booked the consultation appointment and is going to say we had an emergency and I couldn't make it. If they still insist on me attending, I think I will --be bolshy-- take a stand for common sense! If I decided I wanted to be sterilised I wouldn't expect anyone else to be consulted!

Is a man's fertility so important that the world (and his wife, obviously wink)need to be consulted first/!

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