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copper coil question....

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biglips Fri 20-Aug-10 17:33:25

ive had it for over a year now and my mood swings are terrible a week before im due on and when im on.

i cant go on with the mood swings (im also taking sleeping tabs as trouble sleeping but the tabs are working though but still feel exhausted and ive also started keep fit).

Anyone the same on the copper coil? (i used to be on the mirena coil and it was brilliant apart from having very very sore boobs for 3 weeks every month).

help as im feeling down and im constantly biting my fiance head off for no reason!!

beammeupscotty Fri 20-Aug-10 22:54:41

Your mood swings sound typical PMS. I cant see how they are related to the coil as it has no hormones and cant influence your moods. The Mirena has hormones I think (hence sore boobs) and they may have had a mood stabilising effect. I would look into way to control PMS, diet, exercise etc. but can sympathise with the head biting and sleeplessness - and I dont have any excuse!

biglips Sat 21-Aug-10 19:18:03

i feel calm today but its been a pattern for the past 6 mths (been writing in my diary) as i feel wiped out a week before and when im on on my AF. I was alot calmer with the mirena coil and that had the hormones in it. i prob need to look into it deeper ie to control my pms, diet etc.

thanks for your advice.

biglips Sat 21-Aug-10 19:25:53

but how do i know where to start?? lol

MsPitstop Sat 21-Aug-10 20:54:51

Hello there,

I think I just had the copper coil - it was the standard coil minus the hormones (which is the Merina I think?). Anyway, from being a fairly reasonable human being the following happened...

Two weeks before my period was due I began to feel wierdly paranoid that everyone I knew, especially husband and children (baby is 6 months for heavens sake!) didn't like me... I felt like I wanted to hide from everyone and then I started getting wierdly unreasonable and touchy. Then I would be euphoric and then sink into a black depression.

Then I got stomach ache and diarrohea (how do you spell that?!), sweated (and smelled pretty awful). Didn't sleep. Then felt horrible black weepy misery, isolation and lack of energy.

Then my period arrived and I bled for 10 days, so heavily that I was changing a tampax super every hour for at least 4 days and none of the emotional symptoms went away.

I have since been back to the Dr. to have it removed and got the pill back.

Will wait and see if this improves life - or whether I am just a total nutter for 3 weeks a month.

It is not good - would never recommend this to anyone and am pretty peed off that Dr. never mentioned these potential side effects, its bad enough managing a baby, a house, a job and a husband without falling apart every time your period is due.


biglips Sat 21-Aug-10 23:15:23

ive decided to get the coil removed and try summat else and go from there whether it is the coil or not.

oh i felt really down for 2 days after i was biting my fiance's head off as i really wanted to rip his head off cos he wouldnt take his trainers and shoes that were left in the l room there and then...i could feel i was boiling inside me!....but today i thought "so wha!!!"..... hmm

i cant go on the pill cos of high BP, mirena gave me sore boobs, so next its the injection (rod in arm) and see what happens.

beammeupscotty Sun 22-Aug-10 12:18:43

There is a previous discussion here regarding the coil
The copper coil is not supposed to have mood altering side effects as there are no hormones but perhaps some people are sensitive to copper?
If you had problems with the pill I dont think the depot will be much good as there are still hormones circulating, but you need to discuss with the GP.
What a nightmare it all is - I was so pleased when I'd had my children and got STERILISED!! Best thing I ever did!!

neverlookback Tue 24-Aug-10 21:09:23

i have exactly the same problem since having the copper coil my pmt has become so severe we are almost splitting up each month, i become paranoid, insecure, anxious, cant stop crying, think my dp doesnt love me and will leave me, i a totally different person and i have never been like this before,
i have even been prescribed anti depressants for the pmt but ive tried one and felt awful and i dont want to get stuck on them as we are planning on trying for another baby in Oct.
i had a blood test on Thurs to test my copper levels and im hoping to get results in next couple of days, ive read up a lot of stuff on copper toxicity and the effects are like pmt, plus headaches, aching lower legs, general aches and pains insomnia and fatigue, all of which i have, so i think im going to have mine out too this week and if i get pregnant before we go on hol in Oct then so be it, ill be sober!!

i may look at the mirena next time but as i get migraines im not sure if it will set them off,

As for pmt i am currently taking vit b6 complex, starflower oil, and angus cactus and ive also started on 5-htp, ive checked with the health food shop and they say its fine to take all these!
but i do think its this bloody copper coil and not just me going mad!!
im glad ive found someone thats going through the same


neverlookback Fri 27-Aug-10 11:47:09

Ive had the coil out this morning!!! so we will see what happens with my pmt and other various complaints and if we get pregnant a little sooner than we think thats not really a problem.

SWAT22 Sat 12-Jan-13 18:57:47

I've had the copper coil for about 8months now... And am having it removed ASAP now...
I get terrible pms (which I've never had much of a problem with before) Im VERY irritable, snappy, feel so fed up, but the weeks prior to this I'm very happy and could take on the world!
After a few months of it I thought it must be the coil and after saying month after month I'm having it out and never have because after the two weeks where I'm horrible and fall out with my hubby and am sooooo irritable and snap at the stupidest and smallest of things, and am fed up but any be bothered doing anything... I'm back to being fine again so I always think ohhhh no I'm fine now and don't bother but I am this time! Enough is enough! Back on the pill I think! Not looking forward to the removal though :-/ it was embarrassing enough having it fitted! :-/
So If anyone else has bad pms on the copper coil... Get rid... It just carries on or gets worse! Hope this helps other ratty women! Lol! Xx

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