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Best Software for me and Dad

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SparkleandShine Thu 01-Oct-09 16:02:10

Bit of advice required, I want (or rather my dad wants!) to trace the family tree.

1) We'll probably do it together doing bits of research on each side of the family, and may want some software on both his and my PC - is this possible and reasonably easy or would we be better sitting down together at 1 pc?

2) what software would you reccommend - genes reunited looks like a starting point but is it good enough and what are the alternatives?

Thanks in advance.

LunaticFringe Wed 13-Jan-10 17:34:27

Message withdrawn

eidsvold Wed 27-Jan-10 12:59:53

I got the family tree maker - which gives you some free membership to The program is so easy to run and use and it is brilliant. You can download the program on both pcs and can email and send different info to each other. I find that I can then email the info to someone else. You can also source info from ancestry and put it straight onto your tree.

As I access all sorts of resources I tend to just type it in rather than send it to the tree iyswim.

Family Tree maker also comes with other lists and info cds that you can access.

1wombat Fri 05-Feb-10 16:43:43

My Dad and I use Roots Magic. i think that you can download a limited version so that you can see if you like it. it does have a chart facility which I used to make a Family history book for my motherin law

1wombat Fri 05-Feb-10 16:47:56

Forgot to say that on the internet I pay for a subscription to findmypast. There are various options I just buy a few credits at a time. Also use freeBMD for birth marriage and death details.

i have used genes reunited but would not recomend it. Most of the contacts seemed to me to be only interested in building a large tree and were not always so interested in accuracy (they seemed to be ignorant of basic family history research terms etc) but I could have been unlucky.

BBC message boards have family history section

Best of all try the family history society for the county that your relatives lived in

Bucharest Fri 05-Feb-10 16:49:42

Marking place!

IloveDMs Fri 14-Jan-11 22:36:53

I think all the main sites offer different things. FMP and Ancestry are good for records. Genes is good for contacts and sharing. As 1Wombat says the trees aren't always accurate. But to be honest you should always verify your own research anyway.
I use FTM and Family Historian and like both.

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