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What an utter git (granted, an utter git 70 years ago who is long dead now, but still...)

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PortAndLemon Mon 01-Jun-09 00:36:26

I've had a contact on GR looking for information about what is clearly a big family skeleton in his family's closet (although it only impinges slightly on my own extended family). I couldn't help him but am still outraged by behaviour over 70 years old...

A (very) distant relative of mine (he's in the bit of my tree where I've been gradually working on tracing all the possible lines forward to the present day from a mid-18th century couple) was working as a bus driver in the 1930s, living with his wife of 13 years or so. His conductor (and, by the sound of things, friend) had been married about a year and had a baby son.

So, all of a sudden the conductor deserts his wife and runs off to Australia with the wife of my relative (under a false name in her case as she pretended to be Mrs Conductor) taking his four-month-old son with him. I suppose it's always possible that there's more to the story, but on the face of it, can you imagine that poor child's mother, with her baby effectively kidnapped and taken to the other side of the world. It sounds as though it's unlikely that she ever saw him again...

Anyway, I thought MN family historians would be particularly well-placed to share in my belated sense of outrage. At least there don't appear to have been any children of the other marriage to be affected.

MoominMymbleandMy Mon 01-Jun-09 01:39:29

How very sad, and very shocking.

From Mr Conductor's perspective he would have grown up in an era when fathers did have a pretty near automatic right to custody of their children.

Not that it excuses him. Poor Mrs Conductor.

LumpyJumper Sat 06-Jun-09 18:13:35

We have a woman in our family history who had 5 kids one just a babe in arms, her dh was away at sea, she ran off with some bloke and just walked out in the night and left the kids. The oldest was 10 and they had to walk over 8 miles and try and find their way to their grandmothers house who took them in. Talk about hard life....

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