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How annoying!

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juneybean Mon 02-Mar-09 01:09:44

I'm trying to trace Manchester no less, it's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.

I truly feel sorry for anyone searching the likes of Smith or Jones lol

Also confused on a Jordan, there were two Edward Jordan's born in Liverpool in 1850 and I don't know which is mine :/ So I don't know who his parents are.

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eidsvold Mon 02-Mar-09 03:05:47

You will need to work backwards - do you know who he married? If so - get a copy of his marriage certificate - 7 pounds - it will have a father's name. Then you will know which one is yours.

I have done a lot of mine online - being in Aus and so now I need to start buying certificates to verify that I have the right people.

throckenholt Tue 03-Mar-09 12:45:44

Have any of his children or grandchildren got interesting second names ? That may be a maiden name from a mother or grandmother - that might give you a clue.

But sometimes you just have to buy the certificates.

Ivykaty44 Thu 05-Mar-09 15:48:36

You can search marriages in a history center or archive, either find a history center near your home - go to and use advanced search on the home page to get a center in whatever country or county you are in.

It will mean a lot of searching sometimes and other times you hit the right parish straight away. Use freebmd to look for suspect marriages and then use this to narrow your search for the parish. The civil district is set on the old hundereds and will cover possibly up to 12 -15 parishes - but if you have an approx date of marriage this will not take to long.

Then use the same parish and search for baptisms, this way you can collect siblings aswell - if you are luck cousins also.

juneybean Thu 05-Mar-09 23:05:29

Hi, thanks for the replies, I do know who he married bit confused on whether it's an Ellen or an Eleanor (could be both I guess?) due to census recordings.

I think I will send off for the marriage certificate :D

Anyone else experiencing a lag with genes reunited tree software, loads each relation very slowly ugh.

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eidsvold Wed 08-Apr-09 13:37:51

have you solved this??

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