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New dates of birth on ancestry

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SoMuchToBits Mon 02-Feb-09 21:15:14

I've just been on ancestry and they have added loads of new dates of birth. They now have births 1837 - 1915 and 1916 - 2005. This means there are no longer huge gaps in what you can look at. I hope they do the same soon for marriages and deaths.

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FeminineWear Tue 03-Feb-09 09:24:03

Is this - do you need to subscribe to see them? I really need to get into my research again and your post has fired me up!

SoMuchToBits Tue 03-Feb-09 09:44:23

Yes, it's, and you do need to subscribe to see them. I have had a subscription for about a year now. I think it woud be even more worth while to have one now they have added all these new dates.

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