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This is more of a mIlitary history question

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SaltireOShanter Mon 12-Jan-09 14:50:59

How would I go about finding out where my Gradnfather and Gt Uncles fought in WW".

2 Gt Uncles were in KOSB, and Grandad in East Yorks regiment, but don't know which battalion.
I know grandad was at El Alamein, he told us that, and yet my mum sems to think he was rescued from Dunkirk as well.

Haven't a clue where my Gt Uncles were, mum seems to think one of them was at D-Day alndings.

flossie64 Mon 12-Jan-09 14:57:27

Are there any books on that period of their regiments . I have a book about my Dads regiment and it mentions where all the different sections were posted.( 2nd WW)

SaltireOShanter Mon 12-Jan-09 15:20:09

I might ahve to try that. I did look online, especially for the east Yorks lot, but couldn't seem to find a list, I don't know which battalion he was in

Molesworth Mon 12-Jan-09 15:26:35

This forum might be helpful - WW2 Talk

SaltireOShanter Mon 12-Jan-09 15:31:24

Thanks will have a look. have just spoken to my mum and she said that one of the uncles used to talk about a piper/s playing when they marched along!
We know where 2 other uncles were, just not these 2, or grandad.

Molesworth Mon 12-Jan-09 15:32:31

I've only done WWI research, so I'm not sure if WWII war diaries are available in the same way as WWI diaries are. Worth having a rummage on the National Archives website, I should think.

SaltireOShanter Mon 12-Jan-09 15:55:56

Have found this
It says about the 6th battalion landing at Normandy and elsewhere I read that they landed on Sword beach, with Lord Lovats battalion, which could explain the piper!
see here

Lord Lovat instructed his personal piper, Bill Millin, to pipe the commandos ashore, in defiance of specific orders not to allow such an action in battle.
copied from wiki!

It also says that 2nd battalion were fighting the Japanese!

Mercy Mon 12-Jan-09 16:03:33

Saltire, I've had a quick look and it seems the 2nd and 5th battalions of the East Yorks regiment were are at Dunkirk

The Yorkshire Regiment

Most of the name searchable online info is to do with WW1 rather than WW2 but you could find something.

sellorrenovate Mon 12-Jan-09 16:07:41

Mercy Mon 12-Jan-09 16:08:10

East Yorks Regiment Living History Group

Scroll down for info re WW2

Tigerschick Mon 12-Jan-09 16:09:12

Can you contact the regiment? (Assuming you haven't already tried.)
My DB joined the KORBR (now part of Duke of Lancaster's Regiment) which, by coincidence was the regiment that my Great-Grandad was in during WWI (Well, he was in the Kings Own which merged with the Royal Border regiment a few years ago.) When they went to the regimental museum, they found out quite a bit about my Great-Grandad ... tho this was WWI not II but it might be worth a phone call.

Good luck.

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