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Justkeepswimming - are you around?????

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ScottM Sun 25-Nov-12 07:20:24

Hi guys, This line of chat was a few years ago but I came across it and it is of great interest to me. I have the just of the converstaion but I am very interested in the Thesis that your uncle completed JUSTKEEPSWIMMING.. This Morland Family are related to me and a pity I never had connection 4 years ago as I could have added much to this family.. Would be greatly interested in the info that your uncle came up with.. The Thomas Morland who died in May 26 1870 (death by Perforated stomach) he was born in Lochnaw, Leswalt, Wigtownship, Scotland.. Yes a merchant and travelled, set up camp in Montreal with a marriage to hannah Servante.. His second marriage in fact... The family were hit with tragedy as you touch on, death of Hannah from complicatrions from childbirth having given birth to their fourth son Servante Morland.. She died in 1869.. With the death of the two parents the 4 kids were sent to Portsmouth in England.. The boy Henry Servante Morland died abt 13 years old but the 3 remaining boys went on to have very impressive military careers and marriages... probably long gone with the interest but feel free to contact me if there is still a sparkle of interest.. Best regards
Scott Morland
New Zealand

JustKeepSwimming Tue 25-Nov-08 07:21:31

Ok, have dug out paperwork:

Victor Arthur GIBBONS
b. abt 1890 (presuming UK but could actually be anywhere hmm)

Marr cert info:
Profession: Driver RHA (Royal Horse Artillery)
Residence: On Active Service
Father: Ernest GIBBONS (not Thomas sorry!) (deceased) Father's profession: Actor
Marr at: St Lukes, Bristol

Name: Ethel BENNETT
Age: 27
Profession: Munition Worker
Residence: of St Lukes Parish
Father: George BENNETT
Father's profession: Policeman

Death cert:
Name: V A G
Age: 59
Residence: Fishponds, Bristol
Date: Oct 30 1949

So Bristol focused, though haven't found anything around there, so open to him being from anywhere. Could even be from outside England....

Found a V A GIBBINS b. Feb 7 1890 Hastings, parents John William Cove GIBBINS & Margaret Hannah NEWBURN, and John was an Actor.
A possible...

Have list of all possibles in 1891 census but none are an exact match.

No info on his mother as yet.

bubblerock Mon 24-Nov-08 11:12:09

Who did Victor marry? Do you know who is mother was?

JustKeepSwimming Sat 22-Nov-08 07:05:54

Hi Bubblerock, sorry sleep deprivation is ongoing!
anyway, my uncle emailed and told me he has completed his thesis now (got a distinction ) so doesn't really need any more info.
THanks so much for the bits you found and for the kind offer

I saw that you've got the world membership this month, has it been worth it???
I was thinking of getting it one day when i have more of a brain!
or doing what you've done, just get it for a month.
Although i'd be interested to hear how easy it is to downgrade again?

If you have time on your hands would you mind doing a quick speculative lookup for me for one of my brick walls?

Victor Arthur GIBBONS b. abt. 1890 supposedly UK
parents allegedly died when he was young, he went into an orphanage, joined the army, then married and had children. (from marriage onwards he's traceable, it's the pre-marr stuff that's v vague)

From his marriage cert he states his father was Thomas and an 'actor' - story goes that he and the mother worked in the circus and were killed by the lions hmm.

Have other info filed away about him i'm sure, and have got all the poss in 1891 but none match. waiting for 1911 too to hopefully give more info
but if you find anyone likely moving around the world that would be fab!

(been a brick wall for years so will try anything!)

JustKeepSwimming Wed 12-Nov-08 19:41:54

sorry Bubblerock - am around, haven't had a chance to dig out paperwork and am knackered - DCs not sleeping well so neither am i!
well get back to you over the weekend probably when DH can take them for a bit!

bubblerock Sun 09-Nov-08 19:05:36

Hannah Eliza Servante's sister (Maria) was born in Ireland so she may have been born there too? They did move around a lot (I guess military kids) and there are Australian links too with Bridgeman Lethbridge - the difficulty is that the passenger records don't go back far enough for us to trace their travels!

JustKeepSwimming Sun 09-Nov-08 16:35:11

Thanks for all these bubblerocks - will have to wait till the DCs are in bed and i can dig out the paperwork i've got.
I remember i did find out that thomas senior died in 1870 but not sure where (his death was reported in 2 locations in canada) or why?
And the mother (yes helen was wrong, was hannah) died i assume in childbirth, giving birth to servante as her death date was his birthdate

henry & thomas jnr were sent to charterhouse school (not the ohter 2 though?) so yes there was money about.
thomas snr married into money and made some of his own i think in canada.
thomas jnr married into more money, sensible chaps eh?

right, busy with dcs so will be back later, thanks!

bubblerock Sun 09-Nov-08 13:52:16

I have a Thomas Morland death entry -

6th May 1870
Thomas Morland Merchant of Montreal died at Ottowa Ontario - buried on 28th May 1870

bubblerock Sun 09-Nov-08 12:39:41

I think this is your Henry sad

Name: Henry Servante Morland
Birth: abt 1865
Death: Jun 1878 - Portsea Island (1837-1900), Hampshire

bubblerock Sun 09-Nov-08 12:13:52

Did you see This? Nothing to do with the Canadian stuff, but pretty cool!

bubblerock Sun 09-Nov-08 12:03:42

oops - address for the above was 'Elstowe' Guildford Road, Surrey

bubblerock Sun 09-Nov-08 12:01:05

I have a marriage record that is very similar to your details, could this be the same people?

Thomas Morland Married Hannah Eliza Servant in 1863 in Montréal (Anglican Christ Church Cathedral,Actes) Quebec

Also the family are on the 1901 UK census (I'm guessing you already have this though) Looks like they were very well off!

Servante Morland 32 HEAD Living on own means
Annie C Morland 38 WIFE
Emma A Ferguson 52 SIL
Thomas N L Morland 35 BROTHER (Widowed)Colonel in Army
Marjine C D Morland 10 NIECE
Phillis S Morland 8 NIECE
Gertrude Beake 21 HOUSE MAID
Gertrude Hunt 28 PARLOUR MAID
Mabel Moore 16 KITCHEN MAID
Elizabeth Webb 37 COOK DOMESTIC

I'm still looking through the Canada stuff - have you any more info since the OP?

bubblerock Sun 09-Nov-08 11:46:27

Hi there!

Ok, here is your original post (so I don't have to keep flitting back and forth)

Hi, I have been doing my/dh's trees for years and am used to working my way round the British databases and records. My uncle has asked me for help researching a man he's writing a thesis on.
This man was born in Canada and i can't seem to make much headway online with Canadian resources.
I have an Ancestry subscription but it doesn't cover US/Canada and i was wondering if anyone kindly feels like helping me out?

Info I have:
Thomas Lethbridge Napier MORLAND b. 9/08/1865 Montreal

Father: Thomas MORLAND (b. UK not sure when or where) emigrated to Canada (not sure when)
Mother: Helen SERVANTE (b. UK again not sure when or where, tho her father lived in Hampshire so prob there)

Thomas jnr had 3 brothers (Henry, Charles & Servante), all born in Canada.
In the 1871 census, the 4 boys are living with their g-parents in the UK and my uncle thinks both parents have died (not sure how, when or where, tho the youngest child, Servante is only 1 in 1871).

So, my questions are, can anyone find:
1) death records for Thomas snr and his wife Helen?
2) definitive birth records for the 4 boys?
3) marriage record for the parents?
4) emigration records for the parents?

(fingers crossed!)

JustKeepSwimming Sun 09-Nov-08 09:18:07

Hi Bubblerock

I would be very interested in anything you've found, thanks.
I think I have CAT though i've never got it to work!
Or just put stuff on here if you prefer.

Thanks again!

bubblerock Sat 08-Nov-08 18:27:46

lol - cheers, her message about the family tree was from August so she may not need any info.

Lilyloo Sat 08-Nov-08 17:49:31

bubble will leave her mes on pnatal jan 08 thread she is always on there at some point in the day !

bubblerock Sat 08-Nov-08 17:46:31


bubblerock Fri 07-Nov-08 13:02:25

Did you get anywhere with your Canadian search? I've found a few things and wondered if you already had them.

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