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Famous Relatives (or infamous!) - just for fun

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mumnosbest Thu 16-Oct-08 14:11:18

Researching my family tree, I was surprised to find I'm related to Florence Nightingale and Brian Blessed. Who'd have put those to in the same tree? grin Any of you discovered any little surprises?

geekgirl Wed 22-Oct-08 18:52:19

Gudrun Ensslin, founding member of the Baader-Meinhof gang/Red Army Faction (German terrorist group, v. active in the 70s/80s, killed lots of people) is apparently my cousin twice-removed.hmm

moocowme Sat 29-Nov-08 20:15:15

my sons ancestor has a statue in trafalgar square (and apparently a few other places).

LambethLil Sat 29-Nov-08 20:43:26

Bran- one of mine too, wonder if it is the same- said Judge John Bradshaw is also related to Christopher Isherwood- are we cousins?

QOD Sat 29-Nov-08 20:48:09

Robin Cousins, the skater, is my third cousin
His dad was my great nans brother... so his grandad was my dads great uncle... and therefore my dads 2nd cousin..

MrsSeanBean Tue 06-Jan-09 22:02:28

Oooh, I recently did this and was quite excited to discover I have an abundance of famous relatives.

Mainly political/ literary/ actors (my main interests!)

Have listed the major names below:

John F. Kennedy - 8th Cousin 7 times removed

Alexandre Dumas - 11th Cousin 7 times removed

Louisa May Alcott - 7th Cousin 4 times removed

J M Barrie - 3rd Cousin 12 times removed

James Abram Garfield - 20th President of the United States of America - 7th Cousin 4 times removed

Walt Disney - 9th Cousin 1 times removed

Mamie Eisenhower - 8th Cousin 3 times removed

Gore Vidal - 9th Cousin 2 times removed

Elizabeth Virginia Wallace Truman First Lady- 9th Cousin 2 times removed

Chester Alan Arthur - 8th Cousin 4 times removed

Lucille Ball -10th Cousin 1 times removed

Robert Louis Stevenson - 8th Cousin 6 times removed

Mae West - 10th Cousin 2 times removed

Shirley Temple - 11th Cousin

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) - 8th Cousin 6 times removed

Laurence Olivier - 12th Cousin 1 times removed

Wernher von Braun - 12th Cousin 2 times removed

Audrey Hepburn - 13th Cousin 3 times removed

BlackEyedDogstar Tue 06-Jan-09 22:08:05

bloody nora Mrs SB!

me, Bertrand Russell.

MrsSeanBean Tue 06-Jan-09 22:09:08

<<preens and trusts she will be held in appropriately high regrd on MN forthwith>>


bustle Tue 06-Jan-09 22:12:12

Sir Walter Raleigh was my Gran's great great great..(etc)...cousin's husband I think

hester Tue 06-Jan-09 22:15:43


I love Deanna Durbin, moshie...

PurplePillow Tue 06-Jan-09 22:16:26

Alexander Graham Bell

EyeballsintheSky Tue 06-Jan-09 22:18:37

Feargal Sharkey...

<<shuffles off unnoticed...>>

MrsSeanBean Tue 06-Jan-09 22:21:11

Wasn;t Feargal Sharkey a one hit wonder (with a good hit)? What was it now? I know I liked it but am too pished to remember....

geordieminx Tue 06-Jan-09 22:23:12

My great great grandmother was the first woman to ever sing in Durham Catherdal - she had to get permission from the Arch Bishop at the time

MrsSeanBean Tue 06-Jan-09 22:24:35

Ahhh.... I've got it: 'A good heart these days is hard to find'......

EyeballsintheSky Tue 06-Jan-09 22:28:16

LOL, that's him. You're impressed aren't you? Go on, that's the best sleb relation. Who needs Florrie Nightingale and Julie Poppins.

Ewe Tue 06-Jan-09 22:31:58

Not quite as exciting but by marriage Summer Strallen (Maria, Sound of Music in the West End) and Bonnie Langford.

My Great Grandfather is in a book called "Most Famous" as there is a famous photo of him with a newspaper board on him the day after the titanic sunk and he was a bit of a war hero.

Nothing as grand as the long list up there ^^

(One of JLS used to temp for me, does that count?! One of my friends is in Phantom of the Opera? [clutches at straws])

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Tue 06-Jan-09 22:35:43

I am descended solely (as far as I know, and apart from the last 4 or 5 generations) from illiterate barge people, although my greatx4 grandfather had the distinction of being the bare fist prize fighting champion of England in the 1820s. He was called Bill Neate, the Bristol Bull. William Hazlitt wrote an essay about him called "the fight".

Hardly up there with Bertrand and Spike though grin

MrsSeanBean Tue 06-Jan-09 22:36:40

<<humms catchy tune and concedes eyeballs has a point...>>

llareggub Tue 06-Jan-09 22:36:42

Stanley Baker is my familial claim to fame, although there is a distant branch that did something good with bicycles (there is a statue of him in Coventry) but his name totally escapes me.

TheMoistWorldOfSeptimusQuench Tue 06-Jan-09 22:37:17

Forget about " A Good Heart", Feargal Sharkey was in the Undertones! He sang Teenage Kicks FFS!

Eyeballs, I bow to you & your illustrious family grin

MrsMerryHenry Tue 06-Jan-09 22:37:30

DH is related to Duke of Wellington, apparently. I, on the other hand, am closely related to Thierry Henry grin.

MrsSeanBean Tue 06-Jan-09 22:38:03

grin grin [groin]

MrsMerryHenry Tue 06-Jan-09 22:38:18

Mrs SB! You forgot to mention Sean Bean!! grin

MrsSeanBean Tue 06-Jan-09 22:38:27

oops at [groin]!!


MrsMerryHenry Tue 06-Jan-09 22:38:46


I am wetting myself laughing!!

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