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anyone know of a good website for manx families....apart from "manx geneaology"or whatever it's called!!

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cutekids Tue 23-Sep-08 10:44:18

I hit a brick wall with my Dad's family.
He took his mother's name as his father was married to someone else.
However,he also has/had a blood-brother(both parents in other words)who had to be adopted as family couldn't afford to keep him at the time.
They're all from the Isle Of Man and,as far as I know,the brother (my uncle!)was adopted by a family by the name of "Potts".Anyone with any information or any idea where I could get the information? I hit a brick wall with the geneaology sites as they don't have manx records and the "manx" site is ok but not very forthcoming...although I often think there are people who know more than they let on...!

bubblerock Tue 23-Sep-08 13:06:54

I've never researched anyone on the Isle of Man! On the 1901 census there was only 1 family with the surname Potts living there. When was your uncle born and what's his full name? (email me if you prefer - bubblerock jl 2 Not sure if I'll find anything but you never know

bubblerock Tue 23-Sep-08 13:36:53

It's not the family on the 1901 census - they emigrated to Australia in 1904. smile

cutekids Wed 24-Sep-08 10:41:14

oh hi bubblerock
i've looked through what IOM files are available but haven't come up with anything.
unfortunately,my Dad was always very vague about his past.
he remembered meeting his brother when they were both in their 20s but he didn't keep in touch.
he basically told me what he thought was the correct info.which was that his Dad (surname Cleator)was married to another lady when he fathered my Dad took his Mother's surname but when the second one came along,my Great Grandmother arranged for an adoption to-we think-the Potts/Potter family who were "very big in the Castletown brewery"!!!...My Dad took the name:MOORE

bubblerock Wed 24-Sep-08 18:25:00

What info do you have so far? Do you have your father's birth cert and his father's birth & wedding certs for the 2 marriages?

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