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Are there any reputable researchers out there, have seen lots of companies advertising online but am very dubious.

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MillyMoop Wed 17-Sep-08 22:30:41

I am trying to trace my dh's real dad who never married his mum due to the fact he was already married with 3 kids!

I have found the real dad's original marriage certificate in 1961 which lists his age as 21 but have searched all through cannot find a record of his date of birth unless he was lying about his age to the registrar but am assuming he would have had to provide a birth certificate for the registrar.

Do these companies actually have access to any info that I couldn't get hold of myself?

frazzled74 Fri 19-Sep-08 11:27:54

I do family tree research, as a hobby, if you let me know the details,I will have a look for you. I wouldnt pay anyone just yet, its easy to miss something when looking through records and some databases are easier to use than others.

ivykaty44 Sat 20-Sep-08 23:25:51

Listing the age as "21" on a a marriage certificate is another way of stating he was of full age (21 or over) so it may be that he was 23 but the vicar/registra put 21. What age is stated for the bride?

Not being funny but his birth certificate isn't going to give you his up to date address - I would be working forward from his marriage in 1961.

Does he still live in that area?
Is he on the elecoral register - look at the 2008 register?

Also I am sorry to say he may have past away and the death register is worth searching just incase. You can search the database from 1984 onwards on ancestry to check if he has died since then.

Salvation army can sometimes help but not always - worth trying.

Where was he living when your dh was born - do you have an address for this man then? or know the area?

MillyMoop Mon 22-Sep-08 20:03:33

Hi all

Sorry been away glued to ancestry!!!

He isn't on the 2008 electoral roll but he also uses another name which is quite a common name so that doesn't help much, that's why his d.o.b. would be handy to try and pin him down.

Have already checked deaths none found for him so far.

The last known address I have for him is in 1970 from the voters roll. 1970 is when he also got divorced from his first wife.

I have actually found his first wife's current address she has remarried but obviously contacting her with my search isn't really an option.

I though about salvation army but as dh's parents were not married I am not sure they would want to help.

Frazzled thanks for the offer of help I will email you!

NotQuiteCockney Mon 22-Sep-08 20:06:24

I would try contacting the first wife, delicately. What harm can come from it, the worst she can do is ignore you. Maybe write a letter, that gives her time to think about it? It's not your dad's fault his dad was unfaithful, is it?

ivykaty44 Mon 22-Sep-08 20:13:38

His date of birth isn't going to show on the ER.

Has he remarried - have you searched the marriages since his divorce in 1970?

If you can find a re-marriage then it may help to find him know - as two names from the marriage will give you two names in the household that match - narrowing down the search on the ER, even with a common surname two names to search and then getting both names at the same address would help.

Has he had any more children? - if you find a marriage then you will have the brides maiden name, then you can look for any more children - as the maiden name will be listed on the index.

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