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Help with researching Canadian Family Tree needed.

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justkeepswimming Thu 21-Aug-08 14:07:25

Hi, I have been doing my/dh's trees for years and am used to working my way round the British databases and records. My uncle has asked me for help researching a man he's writing a thesis on.
This man was born in Canada and i can't seem to make much headway online with Canadian resources.
I have an Ancestry subscription but it doesn't cover US/Canada and i was wondering if anyone kindly feels like helping me out?

Info I have:
Thomas Lethbridge Napier MORLAND b. 9/08/1865 Montreal

Father: Thomas MORLAND (b. UK not sure when or where) emigrated to Canada (not sure when)
Mother: Helen SERVANTE (b. UK again not sure when or where, tho her father lived in Hampshire so prob there)

Thomas jnr had 3 brothers (Henry, Charles & Servante), all born in Canada.
In the 1871 census, the 4 boys are living with their g-parents in the UK and my uncle thinks both parents have died (not sure how, when or where, tho the youngest child, Servante is only 1 in 1871).

So, my questions are, can anyone find:
1) death records for Thomas snr and his wife Helen?
2) definitive birth records for the 4 boys?
3) marriage record for the parents?
4) emigration records for the parents?

(fingers crossed!)

justkeepswimming Thu 21-Aug-08 18:15:48


justkeepswimming Thu 21-Aug-08 20:49:18


eidsvold Sat 23-Aug-08 09:25:44

IS there a national archives for canada - you may find that they hold the emigration records.

You could do a search for newspapers if you had a vague idea as to what district they lived in.

Next would be a google search for bmd records in Canada - perhaps they have a searchable database.

The other think you can do is go into communities and you can log in names that you are researching and it will bring up any similariities in terms of trees. Also in the community section - try to put up a message on the message boards - you may get someone who can give you a hand there too.

I am not at home this weekend and so can't try my sources.

justkeepswimming Sat 23-Aug-08 09:35:56

thanks eidsvold - have posted on the message board for canada and a lovely lady has answered questions 1, 2 and 3 for me grin

She also tells me the immigration/emigration records for that far back are pretty much non-existant but i'm not too worried as i now know Thomas senior was born in Scotland (another country i'm not too familiar with researching though i spent some money on Scots People last night - couldn't find his birth tho ), roughly when he must have gone to Canada (late 1840's) and that he died in 1870, wife died in 1869. So the boys must have come back about 1870 in time for 1871 census.

And that he was nothing to do with the railways as my uncle thought - think he was in fact basically an arms dealer (oops!).

Would love to see some newspaper stories about them (esp as i now think thomas senior was relatively important in Montreal society) but didn't have much luck online, think most archives are best searched in person - maybe my uncle would pay for me to go to canada - for research purposes obv grin!!!

Thanks for replying anyway

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