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oh what a great bit of gossip.. turns out what of my not-so-distant-relatives was a bit of a cad......

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shrinkingsagpuss Thu 14-Aug-08 09:55:05

My Mothers Gr Gtandfather looks like he had 2 families on the go at the same time!!

He was married to my gt gt grandmother, but was apparently splitting his life between 2 families. all the birth certs give the same fathers name, and profession - and there can't have been more than 1 George Lewis Jaques, Cabinet maker, can there?

Trying to establish if he was actually a bigmaist, or if his other wife was a common law wife.

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catweazle Thu 14-Aug-08 22:02:15

Well there are 3 death records under that name, in 1841, 1859 and 1861. There is a birth record in 1838 and a marriage record in 1843 which clearly can't be the same person as the birth.

So looks like there were at least 3 people with that name grin

shrinkingsagpuss Fri 15-Aug-08 07:23:28

the death in 1841 is the death of the child, George lewis jaques, born in 1838. the marriage record is that of the GL who died in 1861. as for 1858 - i didn't know there was another one, so will have to loook.

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