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Info contained in a marriage index circa 1810

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glasjam Fri 08-Aug-08 21:31:26

Hi there - think I have found a record of my Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandparents' marriage in 1810 - it's proved a b**er to find because whilst they lived in Northants/Banbury way, they seem to have hopped over the border to Oxon to get married and the groom gave a different village of birth than the one given on all his census records. So I have found the record of their marriage in Oxon in 1810 and the fact that the info was taken from the Oxfordshire Marriage Transcripts, 1538-1837, compiled by J. S. W. Gibson.

I've done a search and there is a CD available from the Oxfordshire History society of this index. I wondered whether anyone else has any experience of purchasing such CD indexes. I am strapped for cash and have already exhausted my 2 free trials on (used my partner's name for a second one!) Would I get any more detail by purchasing this? What kind of detail did parish records have then of marriages - was there parent's names, age at marriage etc.? Will I gain any more information by purchasing this? I suppose I could ask them directly but I thought I would pick all your brains first! thanks.

Wallace Sun 10-Aug-08 06:57:13

Sorry can't help you, but thought I could help by bumping your thread

ivykaty44 Mon 11-Aug-08 12:18:28

marriage inof from a marriage register in 1810

It will give the name of the groom, his parish (where he was living at the time of the marriage - not where he was born) the brides name, the brides parish - again not where she was born but where she was living at the time of the marriage. The date the marriage took place and the two names of the witnesses.

Gibson is usually a good source - does the information you have state the parish where they got married? if so let me know and I will expalin how to get a copy of the marriage entry for a few pounds (its usually under £4)

glasjam Mon 11-Aug-08 23:48:43

Thanks. The marriage took place in Adderbury - I don't know if that is the parish - it could be I suppose? The information I got I think originally came from the Oxfordshire Marriage Transcripts 1538-1837 by Gibson - the source that you mention. I have approached the Oxfordshire Records Office and they are prepared to do a search for me for £12.50 - £4 sounds cheaper!! Would like to hear about this. Thanks.

ivykaty44 Tue 12-Aug-08 22:10:29

Ok so you know that the marriage took place in Adderbury and you know the marriage was conducted in 1810.

I would go to roots chat and ask skp there to find the exact date for you - ask in the beginers section.

Then contact oxford and ask for just the one print out - if you want it, will they do just one print - most archives do and for around £3-4.

Or the rootschat board may give you the exact date and the details - as there is bound to be someone on there who has the cd wink and most on there are really happy to look for someone for you and tell you the info - saves you buying the cd. If not the beginers try the oxfordshire board on roots as there is most probably a member of the history socitey that will help you.

I asked on roots for a baptism in kent and within 24 hours I had the answers from the parish register.

if you have already done some of the work and searched people people can see you are genuinely stuck and more likely to help.

glasjam Wed 13-Aug-08 20:43:51

Thanks Ivykaty44 - will follow your advice - often wondered whether people would look up stuff for you on CD indexes they'd purchased - some are quite expensive aren't they? Very kind of folk to do it for you FOC isn't it although I guess I shouldn't count my chickens yet!!

ivykaty44 Sun 24-Aug-08 16:48:56

Some people just want to keep the info for themselves other just can't wait to share and are eager to help others and fall over themselves to be helpfull to keep you at thier fav hobbie smile

cocojojo Fri 31-Jul-09 18:18:25

Hi glasjam,
This all sounds very familiar! I am currently researching the Parritt family history who resided in Claydon, Oxfordshire, but there were a number of marriages in Adderbury, Bodicote etc., I just wondered what name you were researching?

glasjam Sat 22-Aug-09 23:30:51

Not the Parrits cocojojo - the Wrightons and the Bonners - good luck with your researches - I've ground to a bit of a halt with mine but then I have got back to the early 1700s and so am quite pleased with what I have managed to unearth!

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