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OK so I've got birth dates/place etc. for 1812 - where to go now? GRO records only go back to 1837

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glasjam Sun 06-Jul-08 01:27:39

Another obscenely late nite post from me (the only time I get peace!) I've found a relative from the 1851 census on and have gleaned an approximate birth year and location. I know that parish records are an invaluable source for baptisms etc and I guess I am going into that territory now I have got back as far as 1813. How do I go about this -is this where the internet records run out? Do I have to physically go to these places now and look through dusty old tomes?

Are there such things as birth "certificates" as far back as this or are they just entries in local parish registers now.

I guess this is where the real detective work starts!

juneybean Sun 06-Jul-08 02:38:13

Wow congrats on getting back so far, I can't remember how far back I got I think about 1830. And that was just counting back from the census.

I think you could possibly ring the churchs in the parishes you need?

eidsvold Sun 06-Jul-08 07:16:56

I know some of the parish lists can be online. It may be worth doing a search along those lines. I am sure some of the parish records are an ancestry.

BCLass Sun 06-Jul-08 10:09:35

Try the IGI which has some, but not all bmds transcribed from parish registers

eidsvold Sun 06-Jul-08 10:50:00

depending on where - pallots marriage or birth register. an also be a help. I have the cd rom but I think you can access it from a library perhaps.

bubblerock Sun 06-Jul-08 10:56:15

You could also try the local FHS, they usually have volunteers that will do the research for you, they will charge a small fee but it will probably be quicker than searching yourself. Good Luck!!

bubblerock Sun 06-Jul-08 10:58:24

If they are Scottish you can go back to 1553 online.

throckenholt Mon 07-Jul-08 07:45:03

you rarely get to look through the dusty old tomes any more sadly.

The IGI mentioned above is a good place to start.

Also is a great place ot ask for help.

Where are you family from ?

SoMuchToBits Tue 08-Jul-08 13:31:29

I would also say, if you know where the realatives were born, try Googling Parish records and the name of the place. That way you may find the place the parish records are held. I did this, knowing my family were mostly born in Whitstable, Kent, and found that the parish records are now held in Canterbury.

I haven't been to look at them, as I then managed to contact someone else in my family who had already looked at quite a lot, and was able to give me a lot of the information I needed. But I may go atsome point in the future, to see if I can trace any further back.

Helen16 Sun 13-Jul-08 19:47:51

Parish records are great, but some older records can be faded or not available. Check with the local records office in the area for locations where they are held. Wills are also invaluable when the census records run out to establish families - lists are also held at the records offices. If you cannot visit an office get in touch with the county family history society who may be able to look things up for you for a small fee. If you have several branches in the same area it may be worth joining the society. Graveyards- yes graveyards can also reveal families as they are often buried in the same grounds/churchyard. Good luck

ElvinaFrizzell Mon 14-Jul-08 15:39:13

I belong to a family history society so I would recommend them too. Mine has transcripts of local parish records as well as the civic cemetery for sale on cd or in book form. I am unlucky in that a large amount of my research is in Somerset which has not been covered very well by the IGI (keep hearing rumours of a huge update soon though). However FreeReg is constantly being added to and I am about to start transcribing for them. I also use this site a lot for finding marriages and burials in my area. I pay £5 every few months and each record costs just a few pence to view. It's great if your county is on there - there is a list of databases available so you can check before buying a voucher.

ivykaty44 Tue 15-Jul-08 18:33:54

glasjam - the only way to search through parish registers for baptisms, marriages and burials (remember that a baptism can be done when a child is born or up to the age of 99 - so never make the mistake of assuming that the baptism is of a baby unlesss the vicar states the age)Is to actually visit the record office/ archive.

To find out which parish registers are kept where you can use a phillimores atlas - these are kept in all good libraries smile and each parish within the county will have a letter next to it denoting where the registers are kept.

Not many parish churches will still have the registers from before 1837 - although a few may still be lurking - it isn't the norm.

You then need to visit the record office/archive where the records are kept. This sometimes may be a trip from your home town and to bypass the travelling you can use the Mormon centers and order the parish register through them. The mormons will charge you to order the register (if they have a microfilm copy) and this is usually in the region of £3.00. To check the mormons have a center near you look at their home page and use advanced search for centers in the uk

The advantage of going to the archive /record office is they may well have other records you can view that are far more exciting than just the parish registers - tithe maps, land tax, church wardens accounts, settlemanet certificates, bastardy bonds (CSA - bet you never realised they went back that far wink)

If you want some advice on visiting a record office or archive look at rootschat as they have lots of advice, from what to take with you and if their is a cafe nearby!! Just ask them someone will let you know. smile

shrinkingsagpuss Wed 23-Jul-08 22:42:06

I've found the IGI to be very useful - and combined with lcal online registers 9where some nice person has transcribed the register), and some sheer flukes of finding people who've researched back to the 1500.... !!!!!If you have unusual names it is worth googling the name - or looking up "one name studies" - these can be very helpful.

oh, here comes DH, bedtime!!

eidsvold Thu 24-Jul-08 07:18:58

Pallots registry may be useful. Depending on where and when.

I also have some information from the Blackhawton Devon parish records.

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