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Ha ha new topic

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brokenbiscuits Tue 01-Jul-08 16:05:21


ummm I some old digestive's in my family history

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fryalot Tue 01-Jul-08 16:07:06

my mum got a degree in history

she's family smile

shrinkingsagpuss Tue 01-Jul-08 16:08:55

oh oh oh oh
Don't be so bloody rude you two!!
There are a load of sad amateur geneologists out there.. including myself, desp to share our hobby.
hurrah hurrah we've got a topic.....gringringrin

McDreamy Tue 01-Jul-08 16:09:16

Oooh just popping in for a look around - nice!!! grin

McDreamy Tue 01-Jul-08 16:10:25

My mum does it, she's found out loads of interesting stuff about our family. She loves it smile

brokenbiscuits Tue 01-Jul-08 16:16:10

One of very great ancestors used to be a highway robber and was hung! That was a few years back mind you wink and we are very proper rich teas now.

My old grandad (sadly died when I was a wee nipper) used to have a corner shop and sold "fags 'n fings". I remember his shop.

We have very little family, but my mum has made a family tree going back some time. It is very interesting.

What are you meant to post here then?

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eidsvold Thu 03-Jul-08 05:22:39

see what happens when you sleep - a whole new topic!!!

If anyone wants me to look up aussie stuff - more than happy.

Can recommend the national archives of Aus - you can actually look at ww1 records online - all digitised. You can also pay for those that are open to the public and they will be digitally copied and put online for you.

I am off to the national archives in Aug. Also the war memorial.

shrinkingsagpuss Thu 03-Jul-08 12:57:01

brokenbiscuits - there are a few of us researching family history, we asked for a topic... and lo and behold we got one!!

Eidsvold - When I get around to it, I mgiht ask you to look into some more recent history for me. We had a relative who emigrated in 1880 to Sydney. We know he married and had children, but I'd be fascinated to fin anymore offspring. It might all be a bit tricky - when I remember to look him up, I'll ot down the info we have.

I'm always up for nosing into someone else's family - t fascintes me!

butterflymum Fri 18-Jul-08 17:15:34

Best wishes for the new board from and 'oldie' mumsnetter, who has been 'addicted' to genealogy for years!


eidsvold Sun 20-Jul-08 06:30:33

shrinking sagpuss

shrinkingsagpuss Sun 20-Jul-08 08:44:27

Eidsvold - thank you my dear. Family history has taen a bit of a back seat recently, children do get in the wya. My trouble is, I have to have folders and papers scattered around to help me, which is difficult!!

eidsvold Sun 20-Jul-08 09:04:15

shrinking - get a program called Family Tree Maker - I have the platinum one and it is brilliant. If you only have 5 ten minutes you can do it and then put in your program and away it goes.

I had tonnes of paper around and slowly organised it into this programme.

giddykipper Sun 20-Jul-08 09:10:13

Ooh ooh ooh

If there are people to talk to about this I might just resurrect my old family tree (no pun intended)

I'm really stuck.

shrinkingsagpuss Sun 20-Jul-08 09:24:59

oh do tell..........

giddykipper Sun 20-Jul-08 20:09:24

Started a new thread here

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