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1911 Census

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SassenachWitch Wed 21-Oct-20 21:58:43

Is there anywhere this can be viewed online for free?

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SirVixofVixHall Wed 21-Oct-20 22:57:36

I am not sure, but if you are looking for a specific person I can search for you and take a screenshot , I am registered on ancestry and findmypast.

starfishmummy Wed 21-Oct-20 23:06:20

You may be able to use ancestry or FMP a local library

SassenachWitch Thu 22-Oct-20 09:58:42

I was registered with ancestry, made a good start on my family tree, and did find the record that I'm looking for, but since I cancelled my subscription I can no longer view it, and at the time, I never thought to take a screenshot.

@SirVixofVixHall that would be really helpful, thank you, I will PM you if that's ok?

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SirVixofVixHall Thu 22-Oct-20 10:11:35

Have seen your Pm OP, will go and search now.

ivykaty44 Thu 22-Oct-20 11:54:58

Yes, all Warwickshire libraries have access to the ancestry website which includes a copy of the 1911 census

Its not uncommon for local archives to have a free subscription to ancestry or findmypast and access would be free but much more limited in an archive than a library - with present cover restriction

check with your own local library

Saker Tue 27-Oct-20 11:59:54

Saker Tue 27-Oct-20 12:05:36

Sorry should say it only goes up to 1891 so far.

SassenachWitch Tue 27-Oct-20 17:19:59

@Saker thank you for that.

I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but every search I do on there is not finding any results at all.

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Saker Fri 30-Oct-20 15:32:07

because its a volunteer transcribed database, it is not complete. You can see on this page about coverage.

Saker Fri 30-Oct-20 15:34:13

I realise looking at your original question that you specifically wanted 1911 so that's no good anyway. But Freecen is a useful resource. I am happy to look up anything on Findmypast if you PM me too.

SassenachWitch Fri 30-Oct-20 17:06:12

@Saker yes I realised it’s run by volunteers when I started having a nose around the site, I’ve signed up now to be a voluntary subscriber, I should get my first assignment soon. Not sure what to expect, but thought I’d give it a try.

I was originally looking for 1911 but a PP was really helpful with that one. I thought I’d dig a bit further back, as my GG grandmother is proving to be a bit of a mystery.

I’ve also reinstated my ancestry subscription, I’ve got the family tree bug again smile

Is findmypast any good?

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SassenachWitch Fri 30-Oct-20 17:06:49

That should say voluntary transcriber not subscriber.

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Saker Fri 30-Oct-20 18:45:55

@SassenachWitch, oh wow, that sounds good.
Personally I prefer Findmypast to Ancestry because it is a lot more methodical in the way it presents search results and takes more notice of the parameters you put in. So if you put in 1926 plus or minus 2 years it will return results from 1924 -28 whereas Ancestry often goes outside of that. However sometimes that works well with Ancestry because it pulls up something which you wouldn't have found otherwise. I also like the census transciptions in Findmypast, they are easier to understand. However they both have good and bad things and access to different records and ideally I think you should have both but obviously it's quite pricey.

SassenachWitch Fri 30-Oct-20 20:13:04

Yeah, it’s a pricey business. I’ve ordered what I’m hoping are my GG grandmothers birth, marriage and death certificates so far, but I can’t do that for everyone, it would cost a fortune.

This lady definitely has me intrigued though. Ancestry just cannot find her marriage, even though she’s down as married on the 1911 census. So I’ve found someone with the same name and age on the GRO website, I’m just hoping it isn’t some random persons certificates I receive 😂

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Saker Sat 31-Oct-20 12:26:11

I'm happy to try Findmypast for anything you can't find on Ancestry. Have you also tried FreeBMD - I really like that for marriages and that is pretty much complete.

SabrinaThwaite Sun 01-Nov-20 21:10:20

I’ve had a few relatives that listed themselves as married in 1911 with no record of a marriage - in a couple of cases it was very unlikely that they could have been married to the spouse on the census, given that their actual spouse was alive and kicking elsewhere.

SassenachWitch Mon 02-Nov-20 10:50:13

@Saker yes I’ve checked freembd too.
I’ll PM you

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gabsdot45 Sat 14-Nov-20 18:54:03

The Irish 1911 census is available. Online if that's helpful.

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