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Contacting relatives

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OneTooManyBathtimes Sun 16-Aug-20 20:06:05

Hi, there's a great group on facebook called DNA Detectives who could point you in the right direction. They'll have a lot of help about contacting, and will most likely also send you to another group for people who feel the same way as you.

I joined them for help with my DNA matches, and seeing as we never knew my dad's father etc, I knew I'd probably need help when the time came. Unfortunately I don't think we'll ever contact them, despite me knowing who they are as my dad probably won't want to know, and the research ive done suggests they're not particularly nice people anyway. Lots of fighting and family problems anyway.

Good luck!

Allthebestusernameshavegone Wed 05-Aug-20 21:23:19

My mum was adopted.
My dad isn’t my biological father (but will always be my one and only father❤️)

My mum passed away recently. She traced her bio mother a few years back. They never met but managed to speak on the phone once, she died 2 years ago. My mother had 2 half sisters and a half brother. My mother never contacted them.

I’ve always been interested in researching my family history but have never really got very far with it. I really want to contact her half siblings (my aunts and uncle) to try and find out a bit more, but I’m worried how I’ll be received.

Has anyone ever contacted long lost family members? How did it go? What did you say when you got in contact? It’s probably not something I’ll do just yet as my mother hasn’t long passed away and it’s all still raw so I’ll definitely give it time. But just don’t know how to go about it when I do 😞

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