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Has anyone had much luck contacting living relatives worked out via Ancestry?

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SwedishEdith Fri 03-Jan-20 18:03:11

I think I've worked out who quite a few of my 2nd cousins are (ones I had no idea about) via a combination of Ancestry, things/names I remember and now FB. Most relatives I'm happy to leave alone as not sure they'd have had much contact with anyone I know but I've one I'm more curious about. Only way I can see to contact her would be via FB. Anyone had any success? I think I might ignore a similar message (maybe?). I realise I'm just thinking aloud but wondered if I'm missing another, better route?

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kitk Fri 03-Jan-20 18:35:33

Could you not contact them via Ancestry messenger? I'd have thought if they'd submitted their sample and were happy to find matches then they'd like to hear from you?

GreenFieldsOfFrance Fri 03-Jan-20 18:49:52

I have. Though it took a couple of years for her to see the message as she didn't regularly log in!

SwedishEdith Fri 03-Jan-20 19:16:08

She's not on Ancestry, unfortunately. And, yeah, I get the feeling her FB account isn't that active (plus, she might just make it more private shock

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SwedishEdith Thu 31-Dec-20 12:30:14

Was just about to start a thread asking this question then realised I'd asked it a year ago blush.

Anyway, I contacted the original relative via FB and...nothing. Not even looked at the message so that's no good. I can find her address online (easy enough to do) but writing seems a step too far, somehow. But, I have had some other luck with other connections via Ancestry. It's just this particular one I'm more curious about.

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LadyEloise Wed 06-Jan-21 10:20:05

I'd write to her if I were you.
Life's too short.

SwedishEdith Wed 06-Jan-21 14:03:06

Ha ha, I had decided just this morning to do that so thanks for endorsing that. As you say, nothing to lose - she's in her 70s. Would hate to find out she'd died and I hadn't tried.

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