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Getting a GRO number

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Botero Mon 14-Oct-19 16:38:44

I'm trying to get some copies of my birth certificate but seem to be going round in circles. The area I was registered in is currently moving offices and not accepting applications.
I can see that I can apply online but can't get my GRO as the records are only to 1916. Do you know where I can get this number? I was born in 1987. TIA

Idontwanttotalk Sat 19-Oct-19 23:48:30

Could you sign up for a trial on You could then do a search on your name for births in your district. It will then bring up the quarter in which your birth was registered, the district plus the Page number and Volume number.
e.g. GRO number will be something like:
Coventry 2a 523.

They are usually easiest to find on but I think their records maty still only go up to 1984.

FlamedToACrisp Wed 23-Oct-19 03:10:11

I don't think you need a GRO number for a birth certificate. I ordered one for my DH's ex-wife with no problem (so son could get passport) - just needed date of birth and maiden name.

Whitleyboy Thu 31-Oct-19 14:53:35

It is easier and a heck of a lot quicker if you have the GRO number though.

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