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Should I call out my SIL

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catnip82 Fri 30-Aug-19 20:36:17

I've been with my DH for 25 years we have 4 kids
My SIL and I always seemed to get on but since having my kids she's become quite distant.
She will phone my DH only when he's a work and if I'm a family occasion will make a fuss of him totally ignoring myself and DC..
I've recently found out that she has been bad mouthing me to people including someone she didn't know I was friends with do I call her out on this or should I let it go for DH sake ?????

Bingopurple Sat 31-Aug-19 09:22:34

Does she have any children? If so and you think you can have a conversation about it then I would ask her straight out what the problem is but be prepared not to like the answer. Also be prepared that she might just not want to be friends again.

If she has no children and I suspect she doesn't then be very careful. She might not be able to and seeing you and your child will be like a dagger in her heart. It's hard to describe. I had IVF and always wanted children but with the best will in the world all you see are prams and pregnant women and just can't bear to be around them. If this is the case I don't think talking will help at all. Best would be to stay out of her way I'm afraid until she can come to terms with things and move on which is hard but unfortunately something you can't help her with. Sorry that she's talking about you that's not right and not sure how to solve that without a family feud. I'd wait it out and speak to your husband. Maybe her could have a gentle chat to her. Has this been happening for s long time? Hope it all works out.

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