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Icklemissme123 Mon 19-Aug-19 12:33:43

Hi everyone i dont know if this is the right place for this but I've never really been able to get this off my chest and i wish i could talk to people to get it off.

I was friends with this girl for 6 yeara best friends till we were 16. I was groomed and felt like i was in love (stupid i know) i was groomed for 3 years. I kept it secret as he made me belive people would be jeleous. My friendship with the girl was perfect i seen her all the time, sleep overs, days out, cinima, school. we were inseparable. Her parents didn't really like me cause i came from a council estate and we didnt have all the fancy things they did. Her mum was a teacher and her dad was a manager of a building firm. They had a bought house desighner clothes she had everything at her fingertips, compelete opposite of my household but for all our differences it didn't seem to bother us, i never saw us as being different we were very close. At 16 i ran away with the man that groomed me it wasn't until i got there that i realised what had happend and i couldnt stay there i was gone for 3 days. Wish i could go back and never run away. When i came home i rang my friend to say how stupid i was that i was sorry i scared everyone she listend hung up and text me saying she just needed closure. Ive never spoke to her since not for a lack of trying on my behalf. I tried to contact her she blocked me but after a few months she un-blocks me. Its been 7 years since i seen her I'd love to re-kindle what we had even meet for a coffee anything. I dont know why she shut me out for 3 days of stupidity. I was so stupid and foolish. I wish i still had her in mt life she was the closest person to me and ive always felt like a part of me is missing. Should i get over it or try to see if we can ve friends, any advice? Thanks for looking x

LuluBellaBlue Mon 19-Aug-19 12:36:53

Honestly I’d let go of the past and focus on building your future - building your co fodence and self esteem up to be the very best version of you possible flowers

Bingopurple Thu 29-Aug-19 22:11:47

I'm sorry to say this but you should try to move on. This has happened to me a few times and it's hard when you have an amazing friend you really connect with and want to be friends with forever but people can appear and disappear without warning or reason at times. I had a sil I was getting on really well with and thought we were becoming close friends. I had a miscarriage and when I was out with her one day I cried over it and she walked out on me saying she couldn't handle it. The bad thing happened to you icklemissme not to her so if she walked away when she was supposed to be there for you, what kind of friend was she really? I hope you find a way to move on and grow strong. Believe in yourself and every little achievement you make because that is what's important. If you are best friends with yourself you don't need anything else and a new friend will happen when you least expect it. Good luck x

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