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beanaseireann Fri 09-Aug-19 13:23:22

If you sign up for 6 months with Ancestry isit straightforward to stop the membership or is it hassle ?
Do they forewarn you that your six months is almost up and ask do you wish to continue or do they just keep taking the money each month ?

beanaseireann Sat 10-Aug-19 20:12:38


beanaseireann Sun 11-Aug-19 09:57:37


BuffaloCauliflower Sun 11-Aug-19 09:58:45

It’s very easy to cancel, I don’t think they warn you though. I don’t think I’ve had any warnings but I also haven’t intended to cancel

beanaseireann Sun 11-Aug-19 16:20:38

Thank you

CrazylazyJane Sun 11-Aug-19 16:29:42

Ditto. They don't notify you that your current subscription is coming to an end but it's very easy to log in and cancel. I did it a few months ago, as I knew I'd have a busy few months and wouldn't use it (monthly subscription) but have recently re-started it.

FlamedToACrisp Sat 21-Sep-19 01:35:12

@CrazylazyJane when you cancelled it, did your family tree sources remain or need to be added again when you restarted?

CrazylazyJane Sat 21-Sep-19 06:38:19

They stayed static, so I could log in and look at the family tree and each ancestors profile but couldn't view any of the attached documents.

So for example I could see, from his ancestor profile, that Fred was born in 1888 and lived in London in 1911 but I couldn't then access the records attached to these events, which proves these facts. I hope that makes sense. Once I restarted my subscription, I was able to access everything, as before.

FlamedToACrisp Sat 21-Sep-19 19:34:36

OK, that's great thank you

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