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Ancestry - if I close my account for now, will it all still be there if I reactivate it?

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SwedishEdith Tue 06-Aug-19 17:18:02

I've reached a bit of a brick wall and could do with not spending on it atm. Is there a way of pausing it so I can pick up where I left off later?

EggysMom Tue 06-Aug-19 17:20:02

Yes, I've availed myself twice now of the free access weekend they provide at Easter (2018 & 2019). I found that all the work I'd done in 2018 was still there to pick up and develop in 2019; so I'm hoping it will all still be there in 2020 grin

AngelasAshes Tue 06-Aug-19 17:25:10

Weird. I’ve been a member of Ancestry since 2000. (I was also member of its forerunner which was a volunteer family tree database thing like Wikipedia)
I do an annual subscription every now and again when I get the geaneology bug. When I’m not paying for a subscription, I have guest access for free to my trees and can edit, upload etc. I just can’t open any hints or search records for stuff to add without paying.

SwedishEdith Tue 06-Aug-19 18:56:35

Oh, good, looks like I can.

When you say "guest access", is that someone else letting you access the account or something Ancestry does when you want a pause?

AngelasAshes Tue 06-Aug-19 21:00:55

It’s something Ancestry does. I can log into my account like normal and it says you have 121 ancestry hints. I can view my trees, manually edit them. I can message. I see other public trees. I just cannot view hints, view the scans of records, or do the quick one click add to my tree type stuff.

AngelasAshes Tue 06-Aug-19 21:05:24

You just let your subscription expire or stop renewing it. Your account profile should say “registered guest”

AngelasAshes Tue 06-Aug-19 21:09:03

So, you are not closing your account. You are just stopping the subscription. At any time, you can choose to upgrade to a subscription.

AngelasAshes Tue 06-Aug-19 21:12:14

See the links on the right of the picture I posted? You follow the “how do I cancel my subscription” link to get this free registered guest access.

Don’t follow the “how do I delete my account” link. That’s erasure.

SwedishEdith Tue 06-Aug-19 21:44:01

Ah, thank you. All makes sense now.

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