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My Heritage. Complete plan aaargh

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Davespecifico Sun 16-Jun-19 16:20:16

Have had it for a year I think. They’ve just taken out of my bank account £170 plus vat for another year.
If I keep it, can anyone tell me the advantages of having this.what can I do with it, that I can’t with cheaper plans?
Is there any way I can claw the money back if I don’t want it?

Hecateh Sun 16-Jun-19 17:31:00

Suspect you're stuck with it.
You will have signed a mandate for yearly subscriptions when you signed up and would have needed to cancel it before the end of your previously signed up for period.
The direct debit guarantee would repay the money if there is anything wrong with the mandate that you agreed to in the beginning.

If the amount has changed or you didn't agree to it when you first signed up you can get a refund via your back but not if you agreed and changed your mind after the money was taken

lunicorn Sun 16-Jun-19 19:16:27

Thanks Hecateh

FlamedToACrisp Sat 21-Sep-19 19:27:00

Think of it as a sign. You have another year to really get going on your family history research. What's holding you back?

Start by interviewing your oldest relatives - ask about their lives, not just dates and places, but the information you can't find online - what relationship did they have with their grandparents, parents' hobbies, family in-jokes and catchphrase sayings, memories of their cousins, what were their childhood pets' names, favourite foods, how was Christmas celebrated, what was an ordinary school day like, what did they collect as kids, why did they suddenly move to Swindon?

And ask for their help in identifying the people in any old photos you/they have. Ask to go through your Mum's jewellery box with her and take photos of Granny's engagement ring, the necklace Aunt Sarah wore on her wedding day etc.

You can do this!

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