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After 52 Years, DNA test reveals

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beanaseireann Sun 09-Jun-19 20:54:05

Sadly there is no family link to a "mother and daughter"
It's an article - front page headlines- in the Irish Independent Saturday 8 th June.
I can't do links, sorry but perhaps another poster can.
A couple of weeks back there was a (different) story about an Irish woman meeting her 105 year old mother for the first time since she was given up for adoption over 80 years previously. A lovely ending.
However yesterday's story was very sad. DNA proved the daughter a woman had brought up was not her daughter. She had been handed the wrong baby by the nuns when she went back to 'collect' her baby. sad

beanaseireann Mon 10-Jun-19 10:42:08

Apparently the birth mother is suing the order of nuns.
They are trying to find the correct birth daughter for the mother and the correct birth mother for the daughter.
The mother and daughter at the centre of the case had a good life together.
So sad.

beanaseireann Tue 11-Jun-19 09:14:55

Is there any Mumsnetter who could do a link to the article please ?

PostNotInHaste Tue 11-Jun-19 18:14:55

How awful, this is the link:

beanaseireann Tue 11-Jun-19 20:05:09

Thank you, PostNotInHaste.
It's in the Daily Mail today too.

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