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I’m stuck!

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YAmILikeDis Wed 03-Apr-19 21:18:45

I’m tracking down a family member who was born around 1869. There were two with her name in the same area. I’ve zero other information about her. What’s the best way to narrow it down?

I’m totally new to this. I also think she spent some time in an asylum, going by a news article I’ve found, is there anyway to find out?

cdtaylornats Fri 05-Apr-19 22:54:52

Look at the 1871 census and see if there are names you recognise in the same house.

AventaRizon Thu 11-Apr-19 00:02:47

What other information do you have about her? Did she marry and do you have her marriage certificate? If so, then you will have the name of her father on there, so you should be able to find the right one on the census. The other thing to check is death records, as it could be that one of the two you have found may have died as a child.

UserThenLotsOfNumbers Sat 13-Apr-19 15:44:46

If you know the mother's maiden name, search the birth indexes at GRO and this will show you which one it is.

MollyButton Sat 13-Apr-19 22:46:43

If you really want to know, then you need to note down both and all the information for both you have. Then try to follow them on the census.
So if you have Mary Bloggs born 1869, with Mother of maiden name Jones (from the GRO index), and Mary Bloggs born the same year, same kind of place but Mother's maiden name of Shaw.
Then you need to go back and try to find Shaw - Bloggs marriage and Jones -Blogg marriage; this will give you the Mothers' first names. Also try to find father's occupation from any Baptism record. This information should help you find the parents in the 1871 census (and later ones). Which in turn might help you find the "correct" Mary Bloggs. Do also check for death records.

Using this record I managed to narrow down the possible birth record for a great great Uncle.

RoseMartha Sun 05-May-19 22:59:39

You might have to buy certificates if you cant work it out. A possible marriage cert for her is good as if known her fathers name and occupation will be listed as well as an address also sometimes a sibling will have acted as a witness.

FlamedToACrisp Sat 21-Sep-19 01:56:06

The Ancestry site has asylum records. Mostly they just have a name of person, which asylum, dates went in/out and reason for discharge (eg recovered, died etc) or where they went next. What I mean is, if you don't know it's 'your' Mary Smith, you still won't, but obviously the asylum location and dates might be suggestive evidence. If you want help checking, PM me as I have an Ancestry subscription.

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