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Freedom of the City Admission Papers???

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Winterfellwonderland Sat 26-Jan-19 19:07:37

Does anyone know what this is? I've found a great x8 or 9 grandfather with a London, England, Freedom of the City Admission Papers, 1681-1925 it also lists his "master"...... Is this slavery paperwork?

Bekabeech Sun 03-Mar-19 09:58:52

This is fabulous and absolutely nothing to do with slavery. The City of London has a number of "Worshipful Companies" which used to run apprenticeships, basically a child or young man would be apprenticed to a Master (say a Master Glover) and would them work for andlearn from this expert, moving to Journeyman and maybe later to become a Master themselves later. I believe they got freedom of the City when they completed their apprenticeship which meant they could trade in the City of London and vote in elections.
On the documents you can often see who they were apprenticed to and their father's name.
If you google the City of London and Worshipful Companies you can find out more.

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