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How do I find my grandads grave?

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ACurlyWurly Thu 24-Jan-19 09:21:13

My nan and grand dad were buried together in London. I know when they died and names but I am struggling to find their graves. Granddad died in 1969.

I have searched online but nothing is coming up. I am not sure which cemetery it was.

I have found his death record on my family tree search using find my past

juniperbushes Thu 31-Jan-19 14:47:05

Try searching the local newspaper archive for the area they were living when they died. There may be details in the 'deaths' section about the funeral.

FaFoutis Thu 31-Jan-19 14:49:22

Try newspapers. They often have details of funerals & burials in the deaths column. You can search newspapers through 'find my past'.

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