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Family crest question- help?

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abradingleydon Tue 22-Jan-19 19:29:03

I’m going to be getting a signet ring for my son. His grandfather uses a double barrel surname and is the third generation to have that surname. My dh and son do not use both surnames, but rather just the patrilineal.

I’ve done some family research into the dropped surname. I have them from the 1860s in London, and before then I’m not 100% certain. In London they were quite wealthy industrialists, and that wealth has run out at paying for my husbands boarding school ! But..... the family I think they may be linked to up north were very poor, and quite unlike dh’s other family.

The rare surname is also one used by a noble family. Although I doubt they are descendents, or if they are then it must be from before this generation in question.

Anyhows, there is the back story.

I have found a crest for the same spelling as the surname and where the family originated from supposedly. Would it be permissible to put this crest on the ring, or would that be claiming descent of the Noble family.
The crest in a book is not attributed just to the Noble family, rather the area and surname

juniperbushes Thu 31-Jan-19 14:50:01

If you PM me the surname (without any other identifying personal details obviously) I'll have a look for you.

I did a bit of research into this sort of thing a few years ago for MIL.

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