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Quick question about public trees on Ancestry

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SwedishEdith Fri 28-Dec-18 17:12:41

A lot of my trees are just bookmarking possibles so not necessarily accurate. Can I make just one tree public if I'm happy about the info or does that make all trees public?

Some people never answer my questions and I wonder if there's some sort of Ancestry etiquette about only helping those with public trees?


yamadori Mon 31-Dec-18 00:04:48

I don't know the specific answer about how public Ancestry trees work, but I have found out the hard way on another site. Some people are quite happy to help themselves to your information, take your hard work and add your research to their trees without reciprocating. They aren't interested in helping you, they just want the details for themselves.

The other thing I discovered when someone did share their research with me, was that their records were not entirely accurate, and I ended up wasting an awful lot of time barking up the wrong tree (literally!). It took a while for it to dawn on me where they had made mistakes, and afterwards even more time unpicking the mess they had made. Their tree is still public, and other people have copied it now and perpetuated the errors.

Please take my advice and never believe anyone else's research without thoroughly double-checking it yourself against original records first. Lots of other people are far less diligent about confirming information and assume that because it is online, it must be correct. It quite often isn't!

SwedishEdith Mon 31-Dec-18 11:35:41

Thanks for the tips yama.

I've probably been one of those awful people who takes other people's tree info as I've been so excited to find something that might be plausible. But I've kept it private because I'm not at all confident it is accurate blush. Anyway, I can have one public tree and I'll put stuff I'm sure (ish) of in there. I've had about a 50% answer rate on queries - even when I've offered info.

Some people have tens of thousands of people in their tree which I'm always a bit hmm about.

Blubbergalore Thu 24-Jan-19 21:41:23

You should be able to set each tree individually.
Click on “Trees” on the top bar and this will list all of your separate trees. To the far right of this list headed “Tools” click on “Manage Tree” relating to your chosen tree.
Then under Tree Settings click on Privacy Settings, choose if you want tree to be private or public, then save.

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