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How do I find him

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peridito Sat 05-Jan-19 18:26:18

@hannahbellaa29 do you know what your mother's maiden name was ?
do you know anything else at all ?

did your mother marry soon after she had you ?

beanaseireann Fri 07-Dec-18 17:57:00


hannahbellaa29 Tue 30-Oct-18 16:07:21

My mum was 17 when she had me.. But I'm guessing that he was never on my birth certificate because my other dad is.. But I think my grandparents kept him a secret because of shame on the family. I want too as I really do but I don't want too upset anyone. All I no is he worked in Irlam tesco and his name is Andy

AgathaF Tue 30-Oct-18 14:32:05

Is there any way you could find out a last name from your family? It would be understandable to want to know a few more details. An approximate age would be really helpful too, would your mum know his age when they conceived?

What kind of company is it that he worked at? Are they still in business, and would they be likely to still have information?

hannahbellaa29 Tue 30-Oct-18 12:48:03

I'm 30 years of age and all my life I thought my dad.. Who is my best friend I love the man too pieces.. I found out he isn't my dad.. My auntie told me.. And I asked my mum and all came out. Now I have told my family I don't want too find him.. Because I don't want too upset anyone.. But I have this niggle at the back of my mind as too who he is. All I no is his 1st name and here he worked 30 years ago.. Is there a way I can find him without upsetting anyone with such little information

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