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Has anyone got any ancestors who went to prison?

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SwedishEdith Mon 22-Oct-18 21:06:58

I'm not 100% sure I've got the right person but... When they're buried, is their death recorded in detail or with just a surname? Or what? And, if they were Catholic, would they still be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

attentionspan Tue 23-Oct-18 00:43:57

Are you in the UK and how long ago?

SwedishEdith Tue 23-Oct-18 12:16:24

Hi, thanks. I think I may have misunderstood and assumed 'inmate' meant prisoner. Instead, I think she was in workhouse. And, yes, UK.

attentionspan Tue 23-Oct-18 18:36:48

Ah, well in that case there could well be records surviving from the local workhouse, maybe try your county record office.

Have you sent for her death certificate? That will have the place of death on it, and the name of the informant, which could help as well.

VictoriaBun Tue 23-Oct-18 18:42:17

I work in a prison. The history of our one I should imagine would be the same for others in the U.K.
When hanging was much more prevalent and a regular occurrence (1700/1800s etc )the family had to pay money to have the body released. Unfortunately if the family was unable or unwilling to do so most were put in a lime pit, so not even an official burial and definitely no headstones.

SwedishEdith Sat 27-Oct-18 11:40:59

Thanks both. Useful to know about prisoner burials although I think it's more likely she was ill or in the workhouse. She's a bit peripheral atm for me to bother get a death certificate.

Moondancer73 Wed 23-Jan-19 19:54:16

Generally inmate means workhouse. The old bailey site is worth a look though, some interesting stuff on there

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