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Adopted child / letterbox contact

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Mumtotwo30 Mon 22-Oct-18 11:07:35

So almost six years ago my eldest son was adopted not by choice its a long story I was in a physically violent relationship at the time anyway I was given letterbox contact which is once a year and no problems with it this year I waited as normel for my letter and not received it not even an reason from the adoptive parents for not sending my letter as usual anyone else gone through this?? Also I now have a anouther child with a loving partner and I have told my eldest in my previous letters about having a brother which I did seek advice for doing that and was told that's OK just wondering why letterbox would just stop

BlueSkyBurningBright Mon 22-Oct-18 22:14:41

You might be better to ask for this to be moved to the adoption page.

Does your letter not come through social services, I would not have thought the adoptive parents have your address. If it is through SS, just ask them why you have not had the letter.

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