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What is you opinion on this? Am I too demanding or...

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MatieBG Sat 29-Sep-18 16:30:26

Hello Ladies,

Am 37yo East European, having a relation with English 3 years yet. Both we are educated, serious , with good jobs, independent individuals. We are living together for 18 months.
This weekend we are having an argument over can he call me "shut up, miserable caw" when we are discussing something and he just disagree with me and want me to stop. He does it very often recently. I was straight to him explaining I find this abusive and it upset me. I can not accept it is normal a partner to refers this way to his beloved one. Also consider every selfrespect woman wont't stand it and accept it as normal.
My partner trying to convince me in England this is normal and it is a different culture here. I totally refuse to accept it is a matter of different cultures between us. I really find it disrespectful and abusive, can not accept pretending love someone you can dare talk this way.
I know there are different family models and what is not normal for me is normal for other but still my inner voice shouts this is not right.
So what is you point of view, ladies? Is this normal attitude between partners, is it some kind of "loving joke"I cant understand because of the language barrier, is it different culture to mine or what? Am confused and upset and decided to take a third party opinion so to decide if am right or not in this situation. Thank you for your comments and wish you lovely weekend.

WerewolfNumber1 Sat 29-Sep-18 16:33:02

It’s not normal.

If it was said in a joking tone it might be ok, depending on how much banter is normal in the relationship, but to say it in a serious tone is horrible.

As you’ve told him you find it upsetting and he’s ignoring you/trying to justify himself, i think that would be a relationship ender.

redexpat Sat 29-Sep-18 16:35:11

Well it might be how HE does it in England but that doesnt mean it's ok. It's not ok.

SoyDora Sat 29-Sep-18 16:36:58

No it is not normal and it is not English ‘culture’ to talk to someone in this way. I would not tolerate my DH talking to me like this.

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