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Birth certificates

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Aanniilleess Thu 16-Aug-18 22:01:56

So I signed up to last night and got so into it. Went to my parents house today and I was explaining how you could search for pretty much anyone's records if you knew a bit about the person. My dad was then super curious about my half brother(his first son) last name/what was on his birth certificate. My dad knows he's on the birth certificate and we found it and it says our dads name, but the mother of my brother has always said his name is her name, and that she had changed it by deed poll years ago(before he could legally do it himself) he was born in 1990.

Was it ever possible to change a child's last name without dads persuasion back then? I know it's defo not now.

Was it possible by deed poll? Or through a court?

Was it possible she removed my dads name? If so, how? With/without court permission? Without my dads consent?

Or have the laws always been the same, and she just used her name for him, but then on legal documentation his name was our dads?

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popocatepetals Sun 19-Aug-18 13:26:05

You can change someone's name by deed poll, and the birth register will remain as it was originally.

coragreta Sun 19-Aug-18 13:28:34

You can change surname by deed poll but birth certificate stays the same

Aanniilleess Sun 19-Aug-18 14:26:08

@popocatepetals @coragreta even if my brother was under the age of 16 and without my dads permission? Because I know nowadays if I wanted to change my own children's last name I'd still require their fathers permission.

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coragreta Sun 19-Aug-18 15:45:27

Mine was changed without fathers permission when I was 6 in 1995. My dad took it to court and it was ordered to be changed back.

popocatepetals Sun 19-Aug-18 18:29:08

You probably need to ask for this thread to be moved to 'Legal' then - you can report your own thread and ask MN to move it for you, or just start another one.

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