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Deciphering handwriting

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Orlabot Fri 03-Aug-18 21:27:39

I would love some help deciphering this hand writing. I have been trying to trace my mother and think I have found her birth certificate. Under fathers occupation is the following word and I can't figure out what it is....and it's driving me demented! Please help...

metallicbear Fri 03-Aug-18 21:34:30

I think it says labourer

glasshalfsomething Fri 03-Aug-18 21:35:34

@metallicbear gonin there before me. Agreed on Labourer

metallicbear Fri 03-Aug-18 21:35:58

The first letter is the tricky one, looks more like an f or a j but think it's an l!

Good luck with your search x

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Fri 03-Aug-18 21:37:10

Definitely labourer.

DoodlingMyName Fri 03-Aug-18 21:37:17

I think it says Falconer. Just asked DH & he said Falconer too without prompting from me.

MamaLupine Fri 03-Aug-18 21:38:35

It looks like 'labourer'. I'm no expert but I've seen it a lot on researching my own family tree.

Teaandbiscuits35 Fri 03-Aug-18 21:39:04

I read it as Labourer too. Good luck 😀

Orlabot Fri 03-Aug-18 21:43:45

Thank you all...I thought labourer too, but the first letter is almost 100% a T from other words on the document, but T makes no sense in any combination I have come up with.

glasshalfsomething Fri 03-Aug-18 21:47:05

So it would be T-A-L...
Can't think of any occupation that would fit

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Fri 03-Aug-18 21:48:42

Labourer is going to have been so much more common than anything else, too.

FlaviaAlbia Fri 03-Aug-18 21:51:44

I would have read it as Tabaner, but that's not a thing is it? How good was his spelling do you think?

LyraLieIn Fri 03-Aug-18 21:52:21

Do you have any other capital Ls to compare it to? In case the author did Ts and Ls the same

tattychicken Fri 03-Aug-18 21:55:01

I think it's tal or tab something, is this an Irish birth certificate?

tattychicken Fri 03-Aug-18 21:57:41

Ooooo just read that taberner means innkeeper in Ireland?! But it doesn't really look like taberner....hmm

Orlabot Fri 03-Aug-18 22:00:15

Yes, it is Irish, but relatively recent, so it would not be old Irish writing. There are about 5 Ts to compare it to and no other capital letters that match. I suppose it is labourer, but I just have a little doubt hanging over it. Thank you all for your help.

Penfold007 Fri 03-Aug-18 22:03:39

Labourer. It's just the looped style of the time.

TreaterAnita Fri 03-Aug-18 22:15:57

I don’t think it looks like ‘Labourer’, there isn’t an ‘ou’ and I don’t think that’s an L at the start. It looks like Tabaner, but I’d say Falconer.

BlueUggs Fri 03-Aug-18 22:18:14

It definitely doesn't say labourer.

I would say falconer or tabener.

mummysandwich Fri 03-Aug-18 22:24:27

I think it looks like falconer too.

TressiliansStone Fri 03-Aug-18 22:33:48

If it is Tabaner, it might be worth trying to find street directories of the area – innkeepers are usually listed.

Newspapers also mention innkeepers a fair bit (British Newspaper Archive online has Irish papers). Reports of licences being applied for, or newsworthy events occurring in pubs – auctions, meetings of building societies, fights, breaches of licensing and Sunday laws...

FlaviaAlbia Sat 04-Aug-18 02:50:35

Depending how recent is recent, could you check the census records for the year? See if you could get more characters to compare on that or just another go at reading the profession.

Roystonv Sat 04-Aug-18 03:20:16

Looks like Tabaner to me and if that is a job then it makes sense. I learnt to do my b's like that.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Sat 04-Aug-18 08:16:08

There is an ou. Crammed close together but all the relevant loops of the letters are there.

ElasticFirecracker Sat 04-Aug-18 19:48:57


I think all the letters for labourer are there, but agree the first letter does look like a T.

Depending on the date it was issued, If it is a birth death or marriage cert, you might be able to see others on the same page written by the same hand.

Images of certificates are online at - I think that's the right address.

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