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Any advice would be helpful

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Courtneyleigh Sun 29-Jul-18 10:40:47

Hi everyone looking for advice any nurses or doctors etc can help?
I’m not adopted I was never legally adopted but let’s just say it is a web of lies how I came to be where I am.
I can’t say to much as it could be outing and I really want to protect my biological mum.
Back in the 70s or 80s what was the procedure for registering a child?
Could it be faked?

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yamadori Sun 19-Aug-18 13:28:35

Hi, this area of MN is for people who are doing genealogy and drawing up their family trees and so on, and isn't visited by a lot of people. You might get more help if you post your question in 'Chat' or 'Relationships'.

beanaseireann Sun 09-Sep-18 12:08:32

Bumping for you

Singlenotsingle Sun 09-Sep-18 12:09:54

Can't help on that one, sorry

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