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My mother in law laughs when my baby won't come to me...

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workingmum17 Wed 16-May-18 10:06:26


I'm new here but I want your honest thoughts on what I experienced just recently. Yesterday my baby was with my mother in law. She was playing with her in her room. I went in to take my baby to bed, my baby didn't wanna come to me, I'm fine with this as I know she likes to play with different people. What I didn't like was that my mother in law burst out in a hysterical laugh saying "hahahahaha". She did this 2 other times on the same day. I ignored the first 2 and just brushed it off. But the third time I asked her "why are you laughing?". She says she was just laughing with the baby and didn't mean it like that. I also let her know that she didn't laugh when the same thing happened to her son (baby's father), whereby the baby didn't want to go to him. She says I was being too sensitive and that I pick on little things. I ignored these comments and said to her know I just wanted to ask and I went upstairs to bed with my baby.

Please feel free to share your open thoughts on this.

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Feb2018mumma Wed 16-May-18 10:13:45

I am sure she was happy baby likes being with her but bit too much to laugh she didn't want to go back to you! You brought it up to her and she should stop doing it now. I'd say it's only a issue if she carries on when she knows it upsets you? Try to forgive it now as is nice you have MIL to help play with baby and you don't want to start argument when it could have been a genuine mistake? But if she does it again I would speak to partner and let him know you spoke to her and she is carrying on and it upsets you! Let her know how would she feel if you laughed everytkme baby wanted you over her!!!!

Noqonterfy Wed 16-May-18 10:17:26

She sounds like an arse.

Mammasmitten Wed 16-May-18 10:17:48

Your MIL is being passive aggressive and nasty. What an awful person she is. I don't think there is anything you can say to a person like that. To her it's a power tripping game and she probably gets off on thinking she is hurting you. Is your husband supportive of you? Would he stand up for you? She would more likely respect her son then you. Sorry you're experiencing thisflowers

workingmum17 Wed 16-May-18 17:39:00

@Feb2018mumma she still did the same thing today. 😔

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