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Looking up great great grandmother in UK

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currentlyinvestigating Sat 06-Jan-18 18:07:41

What is the best site ( both dependable and not expensive) to look up my great grandmother born in 1870's in the Lancashire area and also to check marriage records so I can get more information.
I don't live in the United Kingdom.
Thank you.

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Fionne Sat 06-Jan-18 18:09:43

Try Ancestry Uk.

yamadori Sat 06-Jan-18 18:16:59

For her full marriage record you will have to order the marriage certificate, the information is not available anywhere else other than the parish register (if they married in church) and that register may not be transcribed or online. Also, the marriage certificate will show more information.

Another place to search is FreeBMD, which should provide the details necessary for ordering certificates.

Make sure you order the certificate from the official General Register Office (GRO) website though, there are a lot of other websites offering the service but charge more.

GrockleBocs Sat 06-Jan-18 18:19:11

If you want to pm me the info I can have a look for you on a site I subscribe to.

AethelflaedofMercia Sat 06-Jan-18 18:22:58

If you know her name before and after marriage, you should also be able to find her on the ten-yearly censuses up to 1911. The 1881 census is free to access, so you could start with that one, if you know her name, rough age and rough location at that date.

numbereightyone Sat 06-Jan-18 18:23:49

Where in Lancashire?

Fionne Sat 06-Jan-18 18:48:33

If you know her name before and after marriage, you should also be able to find her on the ten-yearly censuses up to 1911. The 1881 census is free to access, so you could start with that one, if you know her name, rough age and rough location at that

Great advice.

Mayleez Sat 06-Jan-18 19:11:45

Find My Past (subscription) has transcripts of birth/baptism, marriage & death/burial records and census records 1841-1911 (transcripts & images of original record). The Online parish clerks website has a free searchable database of parish records I would also highly recommend contacting the County Record Office(s) for Lancashire - most record offices hold the original parish registers and should offer research/copying services, though prices vary county to county. They should also be able to advise you of any other local sources which may be helpful. Good luck!

currentlyinvestigating Sat 06-Jan-18 19:32:18

Thank you all very much.
I got stung financially before with a website that helps your research so I have to be very careful what site I use.

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ivykaty44 Sat 06-Jan-18 19:41:55

Currently investigating

You can use free bed for births deaths and marriages from 1837 when civil registration started - until 1983 when the transcription of the General Registration Indexes stopped being transcribed by volunteers

Marriages that took place in church and thus appear in the parish ( non civil) register will also be duplicated in the GRO indexes after and only after 1837

The indexes give little information but can be used to then try and check other records in the parish as it may narrow down years to check

Say you find two Ann Donald’s who married in 1873 and 1879 then you can try and check those places in the parish registers if they are online

Another website which is free is the Mormon website and not 100% scurried but a good tool to use

No website or transcription site will be 100% accurate so always check original sources by contacting record office and asking for photocopies from parish registers

Rootschat is a great website for help and assistance

currentlyinvestigating Sat 06-Jan-18 22:00:24

What website gives the 1881 census free ?
Thanks in advance

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GrockleBocs Sat 06-Jan-18 22:09:39

The Mormon site does but you have to create a login these days.
Honestly I enjoy this stuff if you want me to do it smile

Kielder Sat 06-Jan-18 22:14:20

If you know some details on the marriage then you may find the Lancashire online parish clerks helpful here they have transcribed records for quite a few parishes and I had a great deal of help from the (volunteer) covering a parish I was interested in.

Would you feel comfortable posting any details that we could help with?

Fionne Sun 07-Jan-18 02:02:59

Honestly I enjoy this stuff if you want me to do it smile

So do I, and I enjoy it even more since I did a DNA test and Ive now linked up with people Im related to. Its been amazing and in the summer I met up with 4 extremely distant relatives grin

One of the best bits though was being able to prove to other people that a war hero everyone wants to be related to a war hero people had thought was someone we were related to was in fact nothing to do with us. I did it when I found a document online that showed who'd been awarded his army pension. One poor bloke in America had even visited Ypres to to pay his respects to the person he thought was our relative.

currentlyinvestigating Sun 07-Jan-18 09:59:50

I would not feel comfortable asking others to search for me but thank you for the kind offers.
I can't get into the Mormon family search as it keeps telling me that my password cannot be the first name.
It's not !!!!
I tried last night and again this morning.
The Irish census online is so easy to get in comparison to the English one,imho. It's an official Irish government backed one.
Free and so easily accessible. You even get to view the actual census form written by your ancestor.
With the English one if you google you get lots of ads and pay options. I don't know which is which.
You would think that the UK government would just put a site up that is easy to access.
Or is it just me being a bit stupid?
That there is an official site somewhere.

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GrockleBocs Sun 07-Jan-18 10:48:55

No problem currently smile
I haven't used the Mormon site since they forced you to create a login so can't advise on the problem there.

currentlyinvestigating Sun 07-Jan-18 11:07:10

Where can I order an English birth certificate and marriage certificate please?

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SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Sun 07-Jan-18 11:13:13

You can get certificates from the GRO

currentlyinvestigating Sun 07-Jan-18 11:24:56

Thank you Saskia
I love your user name.

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SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Sun 07-Jan-18 11:32:44

No problem - and thank you smile

currentlyinvestigating Sat 20-Jan-18 14:49:57

I have ordered my great grandmothers birth cert. I am really excited as, apparently, she is of German origin. I had no idea shock
I thought I was 100% Irish smile
Thanks to all on this thread.

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