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Irish ancestry research help!

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crazycatguy Tue 08-Aug-17 00:06:14

With my grandparents both in their 90s, I started researching my family tree, much of it Glasgow based. Scotland kept centralised records from 1855 onwards so it's been fairly simple until you go beyond that. Scotland's People has been an excellent resource.

The Famine forced most of my ancestors from Ireland to Glasgow, and I've arrived at a dead end as going backwards, I lose them in Ireland. Does Ireland have centralised records? I know NI has them databased but does the Republic?



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crazycatguy Wed 16-Aug-17 00:06:26


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Imaginosity Wed 16-Aug-17 00:14:10

Does this website help?

JaneJeffer Wed 16-Aug-17 00:49:41

A lot of Irish records were destroyed by fire but you might find something using the links on this site Some parishes may have baptismal, wedding and burial records available.

Ghostontoast Sun 12-Nov-17 19:42:14

Dublin records office destroyed by fire in 1922.

ElasticFirecracker Tue 21-Nov-17 19:52:33

This site is free and has civil registration and some church records.

eloisesparkle Fri 29-Dec-17 09:51:32

There was a civil war in Ireland in 1922 after the War of Independence.
The records were burned in a fire sadly.
Would the National Library hold any records?It might be worth emailing them.

crazycatguy Sat 30-Dec-17 20:48:24

Thanks for your suggestions smile

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AfterSchoolWorry Sat 30-Dec-17 20:52:59

Find my past is excellent. 👍

The links above as well as

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